Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Vlore. Vassilis Bollanos the very known Mayor of Himara and the President of the Greek Minority of Albania has been present today during the first seance of Tribunal of Vlora District for the greek leanguage road tabels accused by the albanian governmanet.

Bollanos expresed his oponence at front of Tribunal as responssabile of autonomus territor of Himaras Municipality which dominated by strong old presence of greek minority (according to Municipality estimate, about 85% of Himara region is inhabited by the greek old popullation).

He said during the seance that the Albanian Government and Counsil of Europe have an agreement to respect the minorities and ethnic groups in all albanian territor where they liveing. Also Bollano espresed his oposite for the ritght of Municipality according to the albanian laws to put the road tabels as autonoms territor of Himara`s municipality.
Albania is confronting by strong oposite for the rights of the Greek Minority regarding the nationalist sentiments based under the slogan of the "Greater Albania" while the greek american lobby and members of American Congress urge to State Departament to obsserver strongly the human rights of Albania.

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