Friday, May 9, 2008


Photo: "Panorama Newspaper and the letter sent to "Vizion Plus TV"

The newspaper “Panorama” publics as sensational news a message by a radical Islamic man “anonym” addressed to important personalities of Albania.

The Member of Albanian Parliament Ben Blushi as author of the book “Living in Island” has been menaced by a letter sent to the author of best known emission “Zone e Lire” the journalist Arian Cani of “Vizion Plus” a TV Private station.

The author a radical Islamic menaces the journalist Cani to take in consideration the responsible of the offenses against “Allah” or to be died. The menaces also target the author of the book “Living in Islands” the politician Ben Blushi.

On the list of radical Islamic menaces have been also the publicist Piro Misha, the architect Piro Velo and other personalities of Albania, all of orthodox religion.

Albania, the country known by the most dictature regim of europe, is liveing a dangeros period not only to the politic stabillity, organized crime and corruption but more important is the pseudo "religios harmony" which never has not showed the reality of sentiments between muslym and christian population.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Security News Albania


Photo: The monster Bledi Xhaferri

According to information, the Department Section of CIA in Albania is inquiring the “Himara Monstrous Case” when some days ago the “monster” named Bledi Xhaferri massacred the pensioner, 74 old Pyrros Bollanos.

The information taken from Vlora Police Department when is isolated the “monster” Bledi Xhaferri 24 old, said for a team composted by foreign experts of CIA anti terrorism group and other psychologist who met hem and actually are analyzing the raisons of killer to make the most horror killing of the country.

The team may investigate to the some directions, such are both Islamic and ethnic reasons, which should be provoked dangerous incidents between ethnic populations.

Intensively inquiring for specially “Himara Case” is making also the Greek antiterrorism section in Northern Greece Ioanina Prefecture for control of the borders with Southern Albania. Greece has expressed to the Albanian Government to have “under attention” paramilitaries groups and other extremist segments which provoked incidents to the Greek Ethnic Community, particularly in Himara Region.


ATHENS: On the morning of Tuesday 6 May 2008, compatriot our Pyrros Bolanos, was killed by an Albanian horror killer named Bledi Xhaferri.
The killer killed after a brutal manner, without any cause of the unfortunate himariotis Pyrros Bollanos, came on the road killing brutally hem the passers-by eventually be arrested by the police. The Union of Himariotes in Athens expresses its deepest condolences to the family and their relatives of victim. Following the incident express our concern about the dozens of Albanians who annually come to Himara with a reason to work.
The police authorities are obligated to inquire towards those dangerous incidents which happened in Himara periodically terrorizing the Hellenic population. So nobody is in a position to know some element of their origin, life and the reasons that led to their migration.
We believe that the murder of a Greek Himariotis by an Albanian worker, linked to the propaganda carried out by Albanian media against the Himara about the national identity, that the himariotes expressed particularly to the democratic institution to one country which hope to aspirate to EU.
The President Dionysius Beleris

The Secretary-General Spyros Koutoulas


TIRANA: “We condemn the terrorist act against our compatriot Pyrros Bollanos killed by an Albanian killer extremity to terrorize also the Himara People of the Region.
We call Albanian government and International Security Observers NATO and Europol in Albania to inquire about the terrorist act made in Himara Town and to take in observer all the activity of Police Department in Himara Region which never until now has not take it responsibility to explore the criminal events made in our region and to have transparence with Hellenic community of Himara Region.
The Police Department according to us is the instrument to be protector of the contrabandist of lands and proprieties stolen by Albanian organized crime".

Chairman Theodoris Bollanos
Direct. Stavros Markos
Lightened Visa Regime between Bulgaria and Albania, Ukraine, Moldov

Author: Kristalina Ilieva

Bulgarian Government approved the changes in the agreement for traveling of citizens of Bulgaria to Albania, Ukraine and Moldova.

According to the new changes all Bulgarian citizen, who has valid document of traveling obtain the right to enter, pass through, stay temporary or leave the three countries Albania, Ukraine and Moldova without visas for a term of 90 days in the frames of 6 months.

The terms for Ukrainian and Moldavian citizens towards Bulgaria are the same.
The Albanian citizen can pass through or stay in Bulgaria for the term, defined in the visa.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008



Pyrros Bollanos, 74 old, a Greek ethnic of Himara is massacred by Albanian killer, terrorizing other natives in center of the town near Police Department, with out any reason. The Albanian Press, according to police authorities, has justified the terrorist act as a “psychic trauma of killer”.

The terrorist act of Albanian boy against a Greek resident of Himara, which had came in Himara by other regions of Albania to work, has raised the tension of population. Is the second incident when died an ethnic Greek by Himara Region. Three years ago another native of Dhrimades has been killed by Albanian killer inside his house.

Meanwhile from Himara, is waiting for an official declaration of “Omonia” The Greek Ethnic Minority Organization of Albania, about terrorist horor act. According to security foreign specialists team estabilished in Tirana, which cooperate in Albania against terrorism and organizes crime, the terrorist action was a lot of hate, inspired by religion sentiments, could investigate by another directions, such are both Islamic and ethnic reasons, which should be provoked dangerous incidents between ethnic populations.

One month ago the Hellenic population of Himara was provoked by Police Department member creating a dangerous precedent confrontation against population and Albanian authorities.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Albania told to implement reforms before winning closer EU ties

BRUSSELS – The EU on Monday (5 May) said it was too early to set a date for the next step in Albania's EU integration process, demanding instead that promised reforms be implemented first.

"I do not think that we can take a precise engagement at this stage," said European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso, referring to the formal step of giving Albania EU candidate status.

First, Tirana first needs to demonstrate it is implementing the reforms it has promised. It needs a "solid track record", Mr Barroso told journalists after meeting Albanian Prime Minister Sali Berisha in Brussels.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Kosovo/Albania: Investigate Postwar Abductions, Transfers to Albania

05 May 2008 Human Rights Watch

New York, Additional information has emerged that bolsters allegations of abductions and cross-border transfers from Kosovo to Albania after the 1998-1999 Kosovo war, Human Rights Watch said today. The Kosovar and Albanian governments should open independent and transparent investigations to help resolve the fate of approximately 400 Serbs who went missing after the war.

""Serious and credible allegations have emerged about horrible abuses in Kosovo and Albania after the war," said Fred Abrahams, senior emergencies researcher at Human Rights Watch, who investigated human rights violations in Kosovo and Albania for the organization from 1993-2000. "The Prishtina and Tirana governments can show their commitment to justice and the rule of law by conducting proper investigations."

Albania Tax Chief Arrested For Murder

May 2008 Tirana _ Albania’s Tax chief is under house arrest on charges of the murder and torture of a businessman in 1995.

The head of Albania’s General Directorate of Taxes, Arben Sefgjini, who previously served as the head of Tirana’s Secret Service Office, SHIK, and three of his former colleagues Budion Mece, Avni Kolladashi and Ilir Kumbaro have been charged with the torture and murder of Macedonian-Albanian, Remzi Hoxha in 1995. The four former SHIK officers are accused of abducting Remzi Hoxha, Zizo Kristopoli and Avdyl Loshaj on October 21, 1995. P

rosecutors believe that after being placed in a SHIK safe house in the town of Lezha, in northern Albania, the three were tortured by the defendants, while Hoxha died as a result of the wounds inflected during torture. The reasons behind the abduction and torture remain unclear. The defendants have all declared their innocence through their layers during the arraignment hearings held at the High Crimes Court in Tirana.

The arrest of Sefgjini comes after Prime Minister Sali Berisha and Minister of Finance, Ridvan Bode both refused to dismiss him from his duty, despite the request filed by the prosecution office in court for his arrest.The arrest warrant from the court on Sunday means that Sefgjini is automatically suspended as head of Albania’s tax office.