Friday, January 11, 2008

Daily Press BriefingTom Casey, Deputy SpokesmanWashington, DCJanuary 11, 2008


Tom Casey...Okay, Mr. Lambros. We're back to you.

Question: On Kosovo, Mr. Casey, according to The New York Times and to International Herald Tribune, the U.S. government is going to recognize the illegal entity of Kosovo immediately after the elections
in Serbia.

MR. CASEY: (Laughs.)

Question: And I'm wondering why. Under which legal basis?

MR. CASEY: Mr. Lambros, first of all, the United States position
with respect to Kosovo remains clear and consistent. You've heard it
from us before. We believe that, in keeping with U.N. Resolution
1244, it's time to resolve Kosovo's final status. That, for us and
for the broad cross-section of the international community, means
proceeding with implementation of the Ahtisaari plan, and that's what
we'll be working for in the coming days and weeks.

QUESTION: A follow-up. If the Greeks of Northern Epirus in Albania
will elect their own prime minister, like the Kosovar Albanians in
Serbia, I'm wondering, Mr. Casey, if Undersecretary Nicholas Burns,
with the same token, will congratulate such a Greek prime minister as
he did yesterday for Hashim Thaqi?

MR. CASEY: Oh, Mr. Lambros, what an unfair question! Mr.
Lambros, as you know and as everyone well knows, Kosovo is a very
unique situation, and it -- (audio break) -- and settlements are not a
precedent for any other region.And as you know, that's long been a consistent part of U.S. policy.

Photo: the Asspirated map of Greater Albania

The Albanian president Bamir Topi met some days ago a delegation of Association “Chameria”. During the meeting, the delegates of “Chameria Community” asked the President Topi about last visit in Greece and talks about the Chameria Issue.

To the Albanian President the “Chameria Community” expressed some questions for the future of Albanian leadership regarding the “Cham Issue”. Particularly the member of delegation asked the Albanian president for a “New Resolute of Chameria Issue” from Albanian Parliament as soon as possible seeing an initiative of Albanian Opposite Coalition addressed the Prime Minister Sali Berisha for collaboration with out politic reserves for Albanian National Issues Reforms” to Joint to NATO and EU.

“The Chameria Community” has intensified their efforts to International Community addressing to the International factors under slogans “Albania is incomprehensible with out Chameria and Kosovo” addressed they to the President Topi.

Some day ago the leader of politic opposition Edi Rama asked to Albanian Prime Minister Sali Berisha “if he is ready to collaborate for the future reforms of Albania under strategic objectives regarding national issue Kosovo and others …. for the Integration of Albania to the Euro Atlantic Institutions. According to Albanian Media is possible a Resolution during the period of self declaration of the Independence of Kosovo by Albanian parliament when would be voted other alls the “Chameria Resolute.

According to “Albanian Daily News” the Chairman of Chameria Association Adrian Tana called on the Albanian Parliament to adopt a resolution which would unify the stance of the Albanian politics on the Chams Isue. “The cam question should be part of the official agenda of meetings between Albania and Greece” said Tana.

On June 2004 the Albanian Parliament refused to vote a Resolution for “Chameria Issue” even the Foreign Parliamentary Commission had voted in favor of request firmed by ex Prime Minister Fatos Nano.

This initiative makeit in a critic moment when the Balkan situation is under strong observation of Great Powers particularly waiting the self independence proclamation by Kosovo`s Parliament and the diplomatic pressing used to Greece to recognize the Independence of Kosovo and support Albania to NATO and EU.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Photo: The newspaper "Pamorama" about Labova`s vandalism.
Argirokaster, January 7, 2008

The Byzantine Church of Labovas (Argirokastro Region) has been stolen by unknown persons. The vandals have stolen 18 old icons of Byzantine period and funds of the church.

The Byzantine Church of Labovas is known in Argirokaster as important center of orthodoxy of the region, serving to the Greek community. Labovas is the village of Zapas the Great Benefactor of Hellenic Culture.
Photo: The Labova`s church

According to Orthodox Church, during 2007 period over 100 Orthodox Church are violated or destroyed lot of them are Byzantine. One month ago, the Byzantine Church of San. Pandelimonas of Drimades in Himara Regiom, destructed by explosion material, considered as a terrorist act against community and orthodoxy.

During the summer 2007 many Archeological and Byzantine centers in Southern Albania has been under attacks of vandals, making fires such are Apollonias and Buthrintos the oldest Hellenic centers of the region.

Is a paradox for Albanian State when is preparing to advertising on CNN this year claiming the oldest values of Albania beginning from Apollonia, Buthrintos, Byllis, Antigonea, Berat, Argirokastro, Orikum all the part of Hellenic heritage of Northern Epirus, to Byzantine churches which continue to violate with out limit.

Pope warns diplomats that conflicts in Balkan must respects the rights of all peoples.

VATICAN CITY (CNS) -- Addressing diplomats from around the world, Pope Benedict XVI warned that numerous armed conflicts and social disorders have left global stability in a fragile situation.

In Europe, he said, a definitive status for Kosovo needs to be determined in a way that respects the rights of all the inhabitants and avoids a return to "the specter of violence" in the Balkans

In a passage that hinted at a potential theme for his planned U.N. visit in April, the pope noted that 60 years ago the United Nations adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which enshrined human dignity.

"In every continent the Catholic Church strives to ensure that human rights are not only proclaimed but put into practice," he said.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Albanian Government wants more control to the Local Autonomy

The Abanian Premier, Sali Berisha, decided to give more copetences to the Legalisation Agency. Yesterday the government decited to send to parliament a project law which give more copetences for zones under legalisation proces in touristic areas.
According to the latest changes, the Agency of Legalisatiion should report to the Premier on the suggestions they have in regard to the contradict with Municipalities.
Anyway the control of prime minister to Municipalities is against any decision of the Charter of European Council for the Rights of Local Autonomy particularly for the Albanian Coast Line Areas. The must important contradict will be between the Albanian government and Himara`s Municipality when the community has opposed a Master Plan of World Bank, conditioned by the problems of proprieties. According to information the government wants to have more competences to the rights of tourist areas but the inhabitants considers as continuing efforts for assimilysation process.