Saturday, March 31, 2012

Berisha promises lower taxes


During a meeting with business representatives, the Prime Minister Sali Berisha declared that the government will adopt a new regime for stimulating the private enterprising.

He also warned reforms for creating a stimulating environment that is competitive for the business.

“Our government has decided to support low taxes, and we will consolidate this policy. We guarantee you that there will be no tax increase, but we are studying a way to lower them even more. We believe that low taxes are much more efficient for the society than high taxes. The truth is that the world experienced the deepest crisis in 30 years, not because they had lower taxes, but because they had higher taxes. Another scientific truth is that very reliable studies of the most serious universities in the world, such as Oxford, have proved that every dollar reduced from tax on profit or tax on personal income, 0.54% goes to the workers and serves for opening new jobs, for increasing wages, for improving working conditions. Those who think that they will cure the economy by destroying the rich people, they only think how to return the cycles that proved to be the most disastrous in the history of humanity”, Berisha declared.

SP: Berisha on taxes, too late

The Socialist Party reacted after the declaration of the Prime Minister. The Secretary of the Program “For a National Rebirth”, Ilir Beqja, accused the Prime Minister to be too late in trying to hear the problems of the business.

Beqja listed a series of problems that the business community faces, and for which he blamed the government of Berisha.

“Saliu has started the entire week with lies. He declared that Albania is the country of low taxes, it’s not the opposition saying this, but a serious report commissioned by the World Bank in 2012 shows that the taxes in Albania are higher than in the neighbor countries. The only one that is against business here, is the government”, Beqja declared.

RBA: Census goes from Athens

Six months after the end of the population registration process, the Red and Black Alliance accused the government and the Minister of Innovation, Technology Information and Communication, Genc Pollo, of sending to Athens the official Census data and are not publishing it because they are waiting directive from Athens.

“Six months after what Berisha and Pollo consider Census, the Albanians  have received no information as regards ethnicity and religion. The Albania government has sent the official report of the data and is waiting the Hellenic directives for publishing the data that deform our nation. AK appeals the government and Prime Minister Berisha, not the Albanians, to publish the official Census data about religion and ethnicity as soon as possible. Greece doesn’t accept the data of the Census,  because the Albanians gave a positive answer to the RBA for not responding to the questions about religion and ethnicity. RBA asks the government to make transparency for the entire process for which our people spent 14 million EUR, only for fulfilling Athen’s ransoms”, RBA declared.

Two KPS members arrested on administrative line

BELGRADE -- Serbian Interior Ministry (MUP) Gendarmerie officers arrested two Kosovo police (KPS) members in the Merdare region around 10:30 CET on Saturday.

Arrested KPS members are seen lying on the ground (Beta)
According to Interior Minister Ivica Dačić, the arrested Kosovo police officers had two automatic rifles, two handguns and special equipment for distance measurement.
“The names of the arrestees are Shukre Binaku and Sami Beqiri,” he told reporters in the Palace of Serbia after meeting with the families of Serb police officers from the Kosovo-Morava region who were released by a decision of the Kosovo Supreme Court from detention facilities in Gnjilane and Pri[tina where they were kept since their arrest on February 25 on suspicion that they undermined the Kosovo constitutional order.

Dačić pointed out that the incursion of the two KPS members constituted a drastic violation of the Military Technical Agreement signed in Kumanovo in 1999.

“What were they doing in the territory of central Serbia and what agreement does that fall under,” the minister said and added that Serbia would not tolerate such actions.

He called on UNMIK, KFOR and EULEX to state their opinion on the event and pointed out that anyone who dared to violate the Kumanovo Military Technical Agreement this way would be arrested.

“This has overstepped all limits,” Dačić underscored.

Metro Station in London with Pyrros Dhimas name

Leader of Greek Minority Party in Albania Vangelis Doules: “There is No Tsamouria”

By Areti Kotseli on March 30, 2012 In Albania, Interviews
Vangelis Doules, President of the Human Rights Union and leader of the “OMONIA” Greek Minority Party, gave an interview with a big Albanian TV station (“5 questions with Babaramo” on News24) that became the center of media attention due to his strong political opinions.Doules referred to the bilateral relations between Albania and Greece and restated that they play a significant role in Albania becoming an EU member.What frustrated the Albanian audience was the accusations of Mr. Doules, according to which many old Albanians apply for Greek passports stating as their birth place the indefinite geographical location “Tsamouria”. There is no administration unit called Tsamouria in Greece, he stressed.The deliberate mistake is due to the nationalism and expanding ambitions of the  Albanian Deputies Shpëtim Idrizi and Dashamir Tahiri, who reacted badly to Doules’s public statements.Doules was asked if Albanians from “Tsamouria” (or Chamaria) are discriminated against by Greek authorities and he replied that such issues are misguiding and that there is no such geographical location as “Tsamouria” in the Greek state after its liberation. It’s an unacceptable gimmick that does not honor Albania, he added. Between the two nations there are concrete borders as signed by the Treaty of Mutual Friendship and Co-operation between Albanian President Mperisa and his former Greek counterpart Stefanopoulos.Doules’ answer has enraged Albanians who post inappropriate remarks on Balkanweb against Greece and the Greek minority of Albania. Threats against Doules’ life have even been posted ever since his bold statements. The racist comments have not been removed by the administrators of the biggest news portal of Albania.The Greek Minority Party “OMONIA” published a press release condemning the hatred language and the threats against the Minority."5 questions with Babaramo” on News24, Vangelis Doules provokes Albanians with his statements,“OMONIA” Greek Minority Party of low taxes, it’s not the opposition saying this, but a serious report commissioned by the World Bank in 2012 shows that the taxes in Albania are higher than in the neighbor countries. The only one that is against business here, is the government”, Beqja declared. 

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Businessman No. 1, of Himara Region, Samir Mane, Honorary Consul of Thailand in Albania

Samir Mane, a person closer to the Prime Minister Sali Berisha, has benefited from exclusive economic concessions by the Himara Municipality, with a unanimous vote of the Himara Council

6 million euros is to be finance investment of company of Samir Mane, for along the coast of Himara of 60 km.

Before the Himara Municipality, to vote the Developmen Plan, by unanimous decision of the Council of the Municipality, was voted a project proposed by a businessman very closer to the Albanian Prime Minister, Samir Mane.

The Municipality Council has voted to have the economic monopoly in mode unanimously (all political parties) to Samir Mane, who is also appointed, Honorary Consul of Thailand in Albania.

The Decision of the Himara Counsil, has also voted that the Regional Counsil on top is another citizen from Himara Anesti Dhimojani.

The albanian parliament, has aproved a law for tourism inveiments that over 3 million euro, is protected by the albanian state.

"Reciprocal" arrest of two ethnic Albanians

BELGRADE -- Interior Minister Ivica Dačić on Wednesday announced "reciprocal measures" in the wake of the arrest of four Serbs, detained by the Kosovo Albanian authorities.
(Tanjug, file)
(Tanjug, file)
These measures, he clarified, include today's arrest of two ethnic Albanians on the Končulj crossing, located on the administrative line between Kosovo and central Serbia.
As for yesterday's arrest of the four Serbs - whom the authorities in Priština accuse of "undermining Kosovo" because they carried with them election material and voter lists for the upcoming elections - Dačić described the incident as "a classic example of insolence and pressure on Serbs in Kosovo". 

Those arrested include the president of the Vitina municipality. 

The two ethnic Albanians arrested at Končulj, meanwhile, have bee identified as Hasan Abazi and Adem Useli. They were detained on charges of espionage and drug trafficking. 

Abazi had an arrest warrant issued against him by a Gnjilane court, while Useli is wanted by the police directorate of the city of Belgrade. 

"The reciprocal measures," Dačić continued, "are not in Serbia's interests and the Serbian police does not wish to do this." But he added that "this type of situation (arrests of Serbs) can obviously no longer happen without reciprocal measures". 

"If somebody wishes to compete in arrests, we have our answer. It's shameful that the international community is turning a blind eye on this, it's shameful that people who have committed no crime are being arrested, and it begs the question of the manner in which (Kosovo dialogue) agreements are being implemented," said the minister. 

"What kind of 'freedom of movement' agreement is this if Serbs can be arrested every day," Dačić wondered. 

"I know that (Hashim) Thaci feels bad about accepting this agreement, but this type of behavior has crossed all lines. These are open provocations and I can no longer prevent the police from blocking Končulj," Dačić was quoted as saying. 

"It will be seen in the coming days what is looks like when reciprocal measures are being introduced," the minister concluded.
High debt risks collapse

High debt risks collapse
The Socialist leader, Edi Rama, declared that the opposition’s warning for an economic disaster due to the high debt level has been mentioned recently by Moody. 

Rama declared that the high debt is a threat for collapse.

“According to Moody’s, Albania risks collapse. This is a declaration that brings what we have mentioned to the public as an alarm bell. It is impossible for Albania to keep the burden of this debt and continue unorganized expenses”, Rama declared.

The Socialist leader released this declaration during the SP meeting for the infrastructure as part of the Albanian Rebirth program.

Rama emphasized that the country is on a crossroad, between disaster and rebirth. He added that the Socialist vision is related with the necessity to end the disaster chapter. 

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Pyrros Dhimas during the National Greek Day Parade in New York, Usa

Sunday, March 25, 2012

The parade was cut in half

The military parade in Syntagma for the celebration of the March 25th anniversary lasted only 40 minutes.
Only the hiking units of the Armed Forces took part, as the economic crisis makes it particularly difficult for the mobilization of motor vehicles. So the picture was completely different than previous years.
Since early morning the centre of the city was reminiscent of a castle of a city under siege. For the first time there were invitations and accreditations for journalists to get closer to the spot, as for all other citizens the parade area was forbidden. Police forces were deployed all along the parade.
The streets to the Square were all closed with barriers and riot police vans, while 7,000 officers took part in the operations in Attica along with DI.AS. and DELTA forces.
The drastic measures did not prevent tensions – fortunately of small scale – and at the start of the parade at the bottom of Syntagma Square, citizens were shouting at the political world, resulting in minor clashes with police forces and their return to Stadiou str.
But even the departure of the citizens was very difficult. Those who were in front of Syntagma Square hotels were not allowed to leave toward the Square or Voukourestiou, but were directed by the police to Karageorgi Serbias.
Reports talk about 25 arrests, while about 50 motorcyclists drove around the centre to protest against the memorandum policy.
Special traffic regulations were in effect since early in the morning, which now have been lifted, while the metro stations at Syntagma, Evangelismos and Akropoli were closed.
Particularly harsh measures were implemented throughout the country, while episodes took place during the celebrations in several cities.

Serbs once again block EULEX vehicles

ZVEČAN -- EULEX vehicles, accompanied by KFOR, turned back on Saturday after being blocked by local Serbs in the village of Doljane in Saturday.
(Tanjug, file)
(Tanjug, file)
The road between Zvečan and Zubin Potok was open for traffic a little after 18:00 CET.
The Serbs did not allow EULEX to go through Doljane and after talking to U.S. Lieutenant Colonel Joseph Lynch it was agreed that EULEX vehicles would turn back and the Serbs then unblocked the road.

Lynch repeated that everybody needed to have the freedom of movement but Serbs stressed that if EULEX wanted to go through the village of Doljane KFOR would have to ensure their freedom of movement.

The Serbs stopped the two EULEX vehicles a little before 15:00 CET on Saturday.
Albania with in extreme measures, continues the passport falsification

Passport falsification
The dialect has betrayed a 18 year old girl from Decan, Kosovo, during her attempts for receiving an Albanian passport under another identity.

The Kamez Police employee has immediately notified his colleagues for making further verifications that led to the arrest of the girl and her three helpers, while the police is looking for two others. Credible sources said for Top Channel that Fatlinda Tetaj, a 18-year-old girl from Decan, Kosovo, was trying to take an Albanian passport for joining her fiancé with residence in Belgium.

Through another person from Has, Albania, who was the mediator in this role, they have found a Kamez family to which they promised 2000 EUR in exchange of the new identity, more specifically, Fatlindja Tetaj, who would take the name of the girl from Preza, Tatjana Matraku.

The identity theft problem was identified a few months earlier, bringing the change of the rules for the biometric passport. Since the role of the local police inspectors for verifying the claims was removed in the new process, after the new scheme was discovered, this process was returned again to the police, for the necessary controls.

The office against the Financial-Economic Crime confirmed that there were dozens of cases with people that applied with another identity, mainly under an agreement with someone that would sell the identity for money.

The development plan of the Himara region, passing by the Municipality Counsil under unanime vote

Nothing is taken into account by the Interest Groups and Civil Society Regardless this Development Plan.

Great success for Albanian National Strategy, and particularly of premier Sali Berisha, who staged geopoliticaly, weakening the influence of Greece, in the Himara region, forcing the provincial politicians in Himara Municipality, to take decisions, in the interest strategic of Tirana.

The Islamic Community of Albania, is preparing to submit a formal request to the Albanian Government and The Municipality of Himara, to build mosques in Dhermi and Himara, in occasion of the New Development Plan. The request will send to the The Territorial Counsil of the Republic of Albania for aprovation.

According to reliable sources, the Property Registration office in Vlora, thought that 1/3 of residents who have actualy certificates of ownership in The Himara region, especially in Dhermi and Yala, are Albanian Islamic religion, mainly from Tirana and Kosovo.