Friday, June 20, 2008

Berisha-Thaci: No merging between Kosovo and Albania, but in Vlora he expresed his common sentiments for unification.

There will be no unification of Albania and Kosovo, said the prime ministers of the two countries Sali Berisha and Hashim Thaci. "Albanians have never been so close and stabile like they are now," Kosovo's PM Thaci said, adding that he is against shifting of borders, but supports regional integration.

The two prime ministers said that they would not allow any partition of Kosovo, either on ethnic or territorial basis."Kosovo is an independent, sovereign and indivisible state. There will be no enclaves, but the free movement of citizens on the entire territory will be ensured," Thaci said.

Albanian PM Sali Berisha added that Kosovo is an independent state and as such, its sovereignity must be respected. The two premiers signed a Memorandum of Understanding that will serve as a basis for signing of the future agreements between Pristina and Tirana.

Annyway Hashim Thaci was welcomed in Vlora town, the South West strategic Point of Albania on Adriatic Sea, founded by the greeks with old name Avlona. He honored"as "Vloras`Honor citizen"by the Municipality Counsil suported strognly by member of SP,DP, LSI and BDI (the chameria political represents). During a Solemn Meeting, he expresed common sentiments with Kosovo and People of Vlora as important national eveniments to the albanian and Kosovo proclamation for Indipendentes.

Monday, June 16, 2008

The Human Rights of Greeks in Albania

Daily Press Briefing Gonzalo R. Gallegos, Director, Office of Press Relations Washington, DC June 16, 2008 .......

Yes, Mr. Lambros.

QUESTION: On Northern Epirus. Congressman Gus Bilirakis has written Secretary Rice about continuing Albanian treatment against the Greeks in Northern Epirus and urging the Administration to press Tirana to respect the basic rights they are entitled under international agreements. I’m wondering if Secretary Rice is concerned about that since Sali Berisha Government most recently systematically attacks the Greeks in Himara of Northern Epirus?

MR. GALLEGOS: Well, I think in terms of communications, congressional communications, I’m sure that we – I haven’t seen whether or not we have received that or not. But I can assure you that it will be appropriately addressed and an appropriate response will be given.
Albania sacks top general for "Gerdeci Blast"

Tirana, Albania - Albanian President Bamir Topi sacked the country's top general Luan Hoxha on Monday, three months after negligence led to a huge blast in a military munitions depot and killed at least 25 people.
The blast occurred on March 15 during the cleaning of an old, Communist-era depot at Gerdec, on the outskirts of Tirana. The explosion of thousands of tons of decades-old ordnance turned the compound into a 100-metres wide crater. More than 300 people were injured in the blast, which was registered by Mediterranean seismographs.

Topi also sacked the commander of the military support unit at Gerdec, General Zija Bahja, while Defence Minister Fatmir Mediu and another general, Shpetim Spahiu, resigned in the wake of the blast. Initial reports indicated that the blast was casued by negligence during the clean-out operation at the depot, one of many Albania has to empty in a bid to become a NATO member.