Thursday, August 14, 2014

Mujahideens, arrested the Imam of Gjilan
 Mujahideens, arrested the Imam of Gjilan
Mujahideens, arrested the Imam of Gjilan Kosovo police arrested the imam of the mosque "El-Kuddus" in Gjilan, which is allegedly one of the main inspirers of jihad in Kosovo.

They also arrested another suspect, L.K., from Polac village of Skenderaj municipality, under suspicion of committing offenses, from the chapter "Crimes against the constitutional order and security of the Republic of Kosovo", as follows:

- Recruitment for terrorism, under section 139 of the CCK,
- Organizing and participating in a terrorist group, under the Article 143 of the CCK,
- Inciting hatred, discord or national intolerance, racial, religious or ethnic, under Article 147 of the CCK.

Police reported that the Imam of the mosque with the initials Z.Q., born in 1980, during the search was not in his house, but was found by Kosovo police hiding in his car, in a mountainous terrain near his house.

Persons arrested by order of the prosecutor of the Special Prosecution, where in detention of 48 hours. Investigations in the case are ongoing.

Meanwhile, the Court has decided the mass detention for one month, to all those arrested two days ago on suspicion of terrorism. The news was confirmed by the lawyer himself Veton Rrecaj

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Kosovo, ISIS supporters before the court
Kosovo, ISIS supporters before the court
Kosovo, ISIS supporters before the court 40 people arrested the previous day by the Kosovo Police on charges of terrorism and wars participation abroad among organizations declared terrorist as ISIS and Al-Nusra were accompanied Tuesday noon before the court.

Due to the large number of people it was necessary to relocate the court in one of the cinemas in Pristina.

The detainees were escorted under tight security from the Kosovo Police where Special Forces were also involved.

Due to the sensitivity of the case and the large number of defendants the decision by the judge is less likely to be taken soon. President of the Basic Court, Hamdi Ibrahimi said that this session can last until late at night.

"Nobody should wait the decision today because it is impossible due to the large number accused. The hearing Isi scheduled for today, but the court is not obliged to make decisions today. So do not expect a decision today," he said.

On the other hand, the defendants’ lawyers expressed optimism that their clients will be acquitted of prosecution because there is no proof of the charges.

But from what Top Channel has seen on the demand of special prosecutor Blerim Isufaj, almost all suspects are accused of similar offenses, such as organizing and participating in terrorist groups, inciting hatred, discord, recruitment for terrorism etc. On these doubts, Isufaj has asked pretrial detention for all detainees.

Top Channel has also learned from sources within the police that arrest of persons suspected of being infiltrated in terrorist organizations will continue in the coming days.

We’ve learned that the police is looking for over 150 people, among them women.

One of the arrested allegedly had plans to carry out an attack in Doku Fest, the largest cultural event in Kosovo, told an official source for Top Channel.

The same person, the source said, intended to send the message that Prizren is a Muslim city as a retaliate to American donations for the festival.