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Golden Dawn killings 'could be act of revenge by far left group'

Greek authorities raise concerns over tit-for-tat violence following fatal shooting of two members of extreme right group

Counter-terrorism squad gather evidence at the shooting point outside of the local branch of ultra-right wing Golden Dawn party at the northern suburb of Neo Iraklio, after a drive-by shooting in Athens, Greece, Golden Dawn killings 'could be act of revenge by far left group'
Counter-terrorism squad gather evidence at the shooting point outside of the local branch of ultra-right wing Golden Dawn party at the northern suburb of Neo Iraklio, after a drive-by shooting in Athens, Greece. Photo: EPA
Police in Greece believe Far Left terrorists may have been behind the murder of two members of the far-right Golden Dawn party, raising fears of tit-for-tat warfare between the country’s radical factions.
The Greek counter-terrorism squad has taken over the investigation into Friday night’s attack, when two assassins on a motorbike opened fire on men outside Golden Dawn’s offices in Athens. Police said they were looking at whether the murders may have been carried out in retaliation for the fatal stabbing of an anti-fascist musician by a supporter of the neo-Nazi party in September, a killing which prompted angry protests across Greece.
Investigators were examining all avenues, but “particularly those that link these events to extremist groups” behind a string of far Left attacks in recent years on politicians, police, banks and the media.
A police official said the shooting, for which no one has claimed responsibility, appeared to be a “terrorist attack”.
Athens residents gathered at the site of the killings in the suburb of Neo Iraklio and laid flowers as politicians warned that the country, already mired in a deep financial crisis, was at risk of spiralling street violence.

People holding flowers and a Greek flag stand near the local offices of far-right Golden Dawn party, following last night's shooting, in a northern suburb of Athens.

“We cannot let this cycle of violence continue,” Makis Voridis, a senior lawmaker in Prime Minister Antonis Samaras’s New Democracy party, told Greek television. “This must end here.”
“Twelve bullets against democracy,” top-selling daily Ta Nea wrote on its front page yesterday. “The double cold-blooded murder was a coarse provocation against stability.”
As well as Golden Dawn, Greece is home to far-Left and anarchist extremist groups who have claimed responsibility for a series of shootings and bombings in recent years. In 2009, a police officer was killed by three gunmen in Athens, and in 2010, a prominent investigative journalist, Sokratis Giolas, was shot dead at his home. Both killings were claimed by the Sect of Revolutionaries, a radical leftist organisation.
Following the killing of Mr Giolas, the Sect of Revolutionaries issued a direct threat to the Greek state, vowing to transform the country into “a war zone of revolutionary processes, with arson, sabotage, fierce demonstrations, bomb attacks, armed killings”.
“We are at war with your democracy”, the group declared.
Another extremist group, the Conspiracy of Fire Nuclei, has claimed responsibility for a number of recent attacks, including a car bomb which exploded outside the home of the Athens prison director in June.
Greek media claimed that the weapon used in Friday’s attack was the same type of gun used in the 2009 police shooting. Police identified the gun as a Zastava Tokarev type semi-auto pistol from which 12 rounds were fired, but said it was not the same weapon used in previous terrorist incidents.
Golden Dawn has in recent years emerged from the fringe of Greek politics to establish itself as the country’s third most popular party, with 18 seats in parliament.
Its surge in popularity came as it capitalised on widespread anger over austerity measures and immigration in the debt-stricken nation, which has for the past six years been in severe recession. Some 60 per cent of Greek youth are now unemployed, further fuelling social unrest.
Friday’s attack “marked a continuation of political uncertainty and instability in the country,” said George Tzogopoulos, an analyst at an Athens-based think-tank.
Golden Dawn uses a Swastika-like emblem and has also been associated with attacks on immigrants. It insists it is not a neo-Nazi group.
But the Greek government announced a crackdown on the party following the murder in September of Pavlos Fyssas, a white anti-racist rapper, for which a Golden Dawn supporter has been arrested and charged. The party’s leader, Nikolaos Michaloliakos, and two of its MPs have been imprisoned pending trial on charges of establishing a criminal group.
The Golden Dawn leadership denies government claims that it was involved in the musician’s killing.
In the wake of Friday’s attack, the Greek government has been under pressure to show that it takes violence against Golden Dawn members seriously.
“We will not allow our country to become a place to settle scores,”said Greece’s public order minister Nikos Dendias, expressing his “sadness at the death of the young men”.
The left-wing main opposition Syriza party also condemned the shootings. “This murder creates a climate of instability and targets democracy,” the party said. “It feeds fascism, it does not beat it,” added Dimitris Papadimoulis, a Syriza MP.
Golden Dawn also attributed the shooting to “terrorists” and blamed the Greek government for failing to protect the party amid the crackdown. It said it had asked for police protection at its offices after receiving threats but that it had recently been withdrawn.
“The criminals wanted to execute anybody outside the party offices,” it said in a statement. “Before they drove off, the terrorists shot again at the boys lying on the ground. They literally emptied their weapons on them.”
Golden Dawn lawmaker Nikos Michos said: “The terrorism of the left has once again shown its face, to stop the rise of Golden Dawn.”
The victims were named as Emmanuel Kapelonis and Giorgos Fountoulis, both in their twenties. A 29-year-old man who was wounded remained in hospital in a serious condition yesterday.
The mother of the injured man, named as Alexandros Gerontas, made a televised appeal to the Greek people to “overcome their differences” and to “stop the bloodshed”.
Golden Dawn had planned a meeting for Friday night at the office where the shooting took place.
A police source told AP said that footage from a nearby security camera confirmed the party’s accounts that the gunman started firing from 15 metres away and finished off his victims from point-blank range. The gunman fired at a fourth Golden Dawn member, who managed to escape unharmed.

The "Lion of Himara", Pyrros Dimas takes part on Panepirotic Convention in USA 

Extraordinary meeting, 38th Panepirotic Convention 2013, hosted by the Daughters of Epirus - Chicago

38th Panepirotic Convention 2013, hosted by the Daughters of Epirus - Chicago 
The Gala for the 38th Biennial National Convention of the Panepirotic Federation of America will take place on Saturday, November 9, 2013 at the Chicago Marriott O’Hare. The Convention, will honor three time Olympic gold medalist and the first Greek parliamentarian born in Northern Epirus, Himara Region, Pyrros Dimas.

 Erdogan Issue

 Three agreements with Turkey withdrawn from parliament

BELGRADE -- The Serbian government has withdrawn three bills from parliamentary procedure, that had been drafted to confirm three agreements reached with Turkey.
(Tanjug, file)
(Tanjug, file)
The government offered no reasons for the decision.
The government on October 28 notified the Serbian parliament that the bills had been withdrawn.

The drafts were to be discussed by MPs during the session that started on Thursday.

The agreements covered mutual legal aid in civil and trade issues, mutual legal aid in criminal matters, and extradition.

The decision came after Serbia's top state officials strongly condemned a statement made by Turkish PM Recep Erdogan during his visit to Kosovo last month.

While in the town of Prizren, he said that "Kosovo is Turkey, and Turkey Kosovo." Turkish FM Ahmet Davutoglu later said that the statement was "misinterpreted."

Serbian President Tomislav Nikolić in the meanwhile announced that he had "frozen" his participation in trilateral meetings organized by Serbia, Bosnia, and Turkey.
The properties of the people of Himara, likely by the Kosovo politicians

Pacolli, letër Ramës për Januzajn: Ja si ta veshim kuqezi

Pacolli, send letter to Albanian PM Edi Rama for Januzaj : You must give properties in Himara and Ionian Coast for the talent soccer Januzaj

His proposal has the following points: Nationwide Football Federation ; delegation nationwide to families
of Adnanin in England to persuade ; Albanian citizenship Januzaj relatives and family gift plots of land in the South for investment (Himara?) - these are the main points of the project " Pacolli " for Januzaj .
Media sources is speaking for a letter confirming by the deputy of Kosovo, Pacolli, in a private capacity, to the prime minister Edi Rama about the possible involvement of Adnan Januzaj to the national team. Pacolli , who has attended all been written and said about Januzaj, interviews and his father, and the campaign to " Facebook " , lists the prime minister Rama possible effects of including Januzaj with red and black shirt and make operation Januzaj , no operation federation , but a national action !  

There will be a shining model for youth , will accelerate the development of sport, be attracted other talents in the world , the image of the country and the nation will improve significantly, Pacolli said in his letter to Rama, the contents of which makes us announced an official source.  

So Januzaj and his family , said Pacolli, a comprehensive approach should therefore not only which offers professional federations and coach . His proposal has the following points: Nationwide Football Federation; Albanian citizenship Januzaj relatives and family gift plots of land in the South for investment - these are the main points of the " Pacolli " for Januzaj .  

In particular Pacolli last point illustrates his proposal, which seems to offer material, but in fact is an operation to promote the image of British and world tourism in Albania, especially the elite in Himara Region. He expressed his readiness and the foundation that directs potential to make Januzaj operation . " Let's make this great talent , an icon in the nation that would serve to revive his spirits . I am confident that if we approach towards Adnan Januzaj, he can play this role in history ", - writes at the end of his letter Pacolli , who says that Rama addresses not only the institutional role, but the vision expressed in his speech in the Assembly . Mr. Pacolli expressed these ideas also to the show " Free Zone " to Arjan Cani on TV Klan .Source :

Properties of Greeks in Albania, Athens : To resolve the issue
Pronat e grekëve në Shqipëri, Athina: Të zgjidhet çështja
Greek Foreign Ministry guarantees that will closely monitor developments on the property rights of ethnic Greeks in Albania .
Greek Deputy Foreign Minister , Kyriakos Gerontopulos in a letter to the President of the
Panepirotic Confederation of Greek ensures that Athens would intervene in the EU and in international forums on the issue, adding that the resolution of ownership and respect property rights of the Greek minority is a prerequisite for the development of foreign investment in Albania .
" This will be followed by targeted intervention if bilateral , even in the EU , EC and OSCE , to make known the issue of minority ownership in Albania . It is important to have the permanent monitoring of all stages of the procedures required in Albanian courts ", said in his letter .
Greek diplomat ensures the Greek government and his own personal protection and promotion of the rights of the Greek minority in Albania .
"We note that during the recent visit to Tirana , Foreign Minister Evangelos Venizelos had a chance to negotiate for the first time with representatives of the minority on this topic . Finally I want to assure you that our ministry and I personally always stand on the side of fellow our close cooperation for the protection and promotion of their rights , " the letter concludes.
Greece shocked, Papoulias in doubt visit in Albania


Tomorrow is the scheduled visit of the Greek President in Albania. but according to sources from Athens, visits may fail due to a hot climate that is going Greece the last two days after the murder of two members of The Golden Dawn.

Greek Analyst: "Killer imported by out of Greece"

Joannis Michaletos the Greek annalist for geopolitics security issues, calls for imediate investigation inside 48 hours by Greek authorities.

High probability we are dealing with " imported performers killers, said Joannis Michaletos, known journalist for security issues .

Speaking at the breakfast of the Mega TV, Michaletos talked about now more reminiscent of hits made ​​in Europe by teams from the former Eastern bloc and operate a project organized. As described in such attacks is always monitoring team which checks if the performers have free scope or not.

It is certain from the way they acted both killers that way beat has nothing whatsoever to do with what we know today as at least in Greece .

Michaletos said that if the research investigations does not yield anything specific in the first 48 hours, then it will be very difficult to identify the perpetrators who probably would have left the country.

Friday, November 1, 2013

2 Shot Dead at Greek Site Used by Party on Far Right

Simela Pantzartzi/European Pressphoto Agency
A counterterrorism squad gathered evidence on Friday after a shooting outside the offices of the neo-fascist Golden Dawn party in a northern suburb of Athens.
ATHENS — Gunmen on a motorcycle killed two people and wounded a third on Friday evening outside the offices of the neo-fascist Golden Dawn party in a northern suburb of Athens, the police said, and the party called it a politically motivated attack.
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Greek news services speculated that the shootings signaled a possible resurgence of domestic terrorism and unrest in an economically struggling country that is heavily burdened by debts.
The gunmen pulled up outside the offices shortly after 7 p.m. and fired at three people, a police spokesman said, leaving two dead and a third hospitalized with serious injuries.
The spokesman, who was not authorized to give his name, said it was premature to say whether the attack, in the suburb of Neo Iraklio, had been political. The police said that 15 9-millimeter shell casings had been recovered, contradicting earlier reports in the Greek news media that Kalashnikov assault rifles were used in the attack.
In a statement posted on its website, Golden Dawn said the dead were “two young kids” in their mid-20s who were shot at close range. The statement suggested that the attack had a political motive. “Golden Dawn had asked for police protection for its offices, as it had received threats, but the treacherous coalition of Samaras refused,” the statement said, referring to Prime Minister Antonis Samaras.
The party’s statement did not identify the victims by name, noting only that it regarded them as “members of our family,” but a Golden Dawn member of Parliament, Ilias Panagiotaros, told Greek radio that the two had been party members.
A government spokesman, Simos Kedikoglou, said the killers would be caught and would face “merciless punishment,” and Public Order Minister Nikos Dendias expressed his grief. “We will not allow the country to become an arena for scores to be settled, for whatever reason,” Mr. Dendias said.
The assault was condemned by parties across the political spectrum and dominated Greek news coverage, with television stations interrupting their programming to broadcast developments.
Golden Dawn, one of Europe’s most violent far-right groups, is the focus of a criminal investigation, with its leader and an additional two members of Parliament in custody and several more facing a string of charges relating to homicides, assaults and other crimes that prosecutors have linked to the party. Last month, Greece’s Parliament voted to suspend state funding to the party.
The police issued a statement saying the force’s counterterrorism unit was investigating the killings, and the spokesman said the dead were ages 22 and 27, while the wounded victim was 29.

Akademikët shqiptarë, letër Samaras - Top Channel Albania - News - Lajme

Albanian academics, letter to Samaras 

" The Greek government must support the granting of candidate status and membership into the European Union for Albania" .

This is the appeal of the Albanian Academy of Arts and Sciences, which through an open letter addressed to Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras, as a response to what appeared a few days ago by 23 former Greek ambassadors .

Former Greek diplomats , part of " Diplomatic cycle ", in their letter wrote that "Albania is a country created by the Great Powers in 1913 and so far has not shown a friendly attitude towards Athens.

Members of the Albanian Academy of Arts and Sciences , which include former ambassadors and diplomats Albanian elite, who have served in important countries and international organizations, call derogatory letter , refusing - as they write - claims , the language used and old ways of thinking for the sake of better relations between the two peoples and governments of the two countries.

Top officials urge Serbs to vote in elections

BELGRADE -- Top Serbian officials have urged Serbs in Kosovo to vote in local elections on Sunday, saying that only a high turnout would ensure their "survival" there.
(Beta, file)
(Beta, file)
"Your Serbia is calling you and wants to help you to, with your children, live in your home, on your property, safely and with hope in the eyes. Do not make a mistake, the mistake we would never be able to correct."
"Be accountable to your descendants. Long live Serbia."

This is the content of a joint statement issued on Friday by President Tomislav Nikolić, Prime Minister Ivica Dačić, and his First Deputy Aleksandar Vučić.

They also said that the Serbs "after years of defeat, anxiety and uncertainty" were provided with an opportunity for the Serb communities in Kosovo to win and create a community through which to remain inextricably linked to the state of Serbia.

"The Serb community as a rigid structure recognized by the international community, the first of our institutions for which no one will say that it is parallel, in the case of electoral success, would not only be established, but recognized, respected and honored," said Nikolić, Dačić, and Vučić.

Vučić said on Friday at the final rally of the Civic Initiatives Srpska in the enclave of Gračanica: "No state can be good only when it pays salaries and pensions, and bad if it asks (you) to go to the polls in order to get an international verification and confirmation of the existence of the community of Serb municipalities. "

Shooting Kills 2 Golden Dawn Members in Greece

A drive-by shooting killed two members of Greece's Nazi-inspired Golden Dawn party and wounded one outside a party office in Athens on Friday night, officials said.
The two fatalities, both in their 20s, were shot at close range from a motorcycle carrying two men, Golden Dawn lawmaker Georgios Germenis told The Associated Press.
"A man got off a motorcycle wearing a helmet and shot them," he said, adding that the attack was captured on a security camera at the party office in the Athens' Neo Iraklio suburb.
Police said no arrests were made but that the counterterrorism squad is taking part in the investigation.
Golden Dawn lawmaker Ilias Kassidiaris blamed the shooting on "terrorists" and said on private Star TV that it appeared to be a well-planned attack.
The shooting occurred amid a government crackdown on the far-right party following the Sept. 17 fatal stabbing of an anti-fascist musician in Athens. A Golden Party supporter has been arrested and charged with murder. Golden Dawn's leader and two party lawmakers have been jailed pending trial on charges of forming a criminal group. The party has denied any wrongdoing.
The Golden Dawn, which rose from obscurity during Greece's financial crisis, is now the nation's third most popular political party.
Public Order Minister Nikos Dendias expressed "distress" at the fatal shooting of the two young men Friday. "We will not allow the country to become a ground for the settling of accounts, for whatever reason," he said.
Germenis said the violence occurred right after police stopped protecting the office where the attack occurred.
"The government stripped us naked so that we can be killed," he told the AP. "We had received threats at that office, and we informed the local police station. They had plainclothes police outside the office every day until today."

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Greek Police Say 10 Officers Have Links to Golden Dawn

ATHENS — The Greek police on Wednesday announced the findings of an internal investigation into suspected links between the force and the neo-fascist Golden Dawn party, which is the focus of a criminal investigation, saying that 10 officers had been linked to the party but that no signs of “organized cells” affiliated with the group had been discovered. 

The inquiry began last month, after the killing of an anti-fascist singer by a self-professed supporter of Golden Dawn. The killing was the culmination of a string of assaults attributed to members or supporters of the fiercely anti-immigrant party, which has 18 seats in Greece’s 300-member Parliament. Out of 319 police officers questioned, 15 were arrested on various charges, including illegal weapons possession and trading in contraband goods, and of those, 10 were found to have “direct or indirect involvement with the criminal activities of Golden Dawn,” according to the head of the police’s internal affairs unit, Panagiotis Stathis. 

The investigation found no “organized cells, factions or unconstitutional hubs” but highlighted “inadequate supervision” within the force, he added at a news conference. The 15 officers who were arrested were suspended pending the outcome of their cases, a police spokesman said.
Altin Rraklli : Victory against Greece is a gift to KLA

 The national women coach Altin Rraklli declaration under nationalist sentiments

Albania wins against Greece 1-0 team has created a very enthusiastic atmosphere in Albania back memories of the 2004 game, which Albania managed to secure one of probably the most important successes in history, after defeating Greece in the first test after it was revealed European champions 2-1. Repetition of this triumph is a merit of the national women coach Altin Rraklli

Of course I feel very good, it was a very difficult match, but thanks maximum commitment on the field and the implementation of all tasks of the team that managed to take the first three points.

 Greece seems to have taken his hand , after the defeat in 2004 ?
Victory in Greece is always a special feel and as the rivalry between the two countries is very strong . I do not know that stems from , but they hate us even more and we were very wrong . However, we talked on the field with a game ' Fair Play ' taking victory , this is the most importan.

Is there hope for qualification in the world Albania ?
Qualifying will work very well because we have enough games to develop. However, the current appearance of a team that does not have much experience in the international arena can be considered positive. It is important to continue on this path we have started .

Are you aware of the incident that happened at the stadium with fan who was escorted to the police station twith the flag of KLA (Kosovo Liberation Army)?
I'm very surprised about the fact that the KLA flag brings so much fear the Greeks, do not know why this is happening. KLA fought for the liberation of Kosovo and what should not chafes is Serbia and Greece. Can not explain or even gesture against PAOK dog rose. I want to thank the fans for the support they gave us victory against Greece, which was fairing for them.

 See more at :

OSCE helps Albanian army get rid of dangerous old chemicals

Members of Albania's armed forces begin the process of repackaging and storing dangerous chemicals on October 14 2013 (OSCE)
Members of Albania's armed forces begin the process of repackaging and storing dangerous chemicals on October 14 2013 (OSCE)
Eighty tonnes of hazardous chemicals in Albania’s military facilities will be repackaged and safely stored in a single place, as part of a project by the OSCE Presence in Albania that started on 14 October 2013.
“The chemicals are currently stored near populated areas, and the existing packaging in most cases is almost totally destroyed, putting lives and the environment at risk,” said the Head of OSCE Presence, Ambassador Florian Raunig. “Through this project, OSCE seeks to make a significant contribution to improving security and safety of people in Albania.”
The project covers 37 different kinds of chemicals, including highly dangerous substances such as dichloramine and xylenol, stored in military facilities in Tirana and other locations across the country. Over the coming five weeks, they will be repackaged, safely stored and prepared for shipment and destruction at chemical disposal facilities abroad at a later stage.
The activities are funded by the OSCE, the Czech Republic and Turkey, and carried out by a private contractor together with staff of the Albanian Armed Forces, who also received training from the OSCE.
The OSCE Presence has been assisting Albania in its efforts to safely destroy surplus conventional ammunition and dangerous toxic chemicals since 2008. The OSCE Presence already helped to dispose of 60 tonnes of a toxic rocket fuel component known as mélange, 120 tonnes of dichloroethane, and provided equipment for the destruction of surplus ammunition.
Task-Force for illegal constructions

Task-Force for illegal constructions
The opposition Parliament Members attended a hearing session with the Minister of Urban Development, Eglantina Gjermeni, a meeting focusing on the “unification of competences of the National Urban Construction Inspectorate in the territory and areas of national importance”. The opposition Parliament Members asked explanations about the role of the Task-Force established by the government for demolishing the illegal constructions.

Minister Gjermeni declared that this decision is in full accordance with the Constitution and the law for construction inspection. According to the opposition, the Council of Ministers decision was anti-constitutional, since it gives Court competences to the government.

“This activity is structured and coordinated through a task force. Keeping in mind a concrete map of the National Agency of Territory Planning, from the Agency of Legalisation Urbanisation and Integration of Informal Zone/Building, and from the National Urban Construction Inspectorate. The agencies coordinate their work for the informal constructions and their location before making a real intervention”, Gjermeni declared.

“You are taking competences that belong to a court, and this is dangerous. It is not dangerous because you are the Minister, but the tendency is dangerous. If the executive branch decides to do the court, than we have returned in 1945. You expressed a sentence here which is terrible. You said that the task-force will decide if the construction is legal or illegal. What is this task force? The task force is not the special court of 1944 to decide to their liking without asking questions. We have a legal structure that brings us to the court”, declared the Democratic Party Parliament Member, Sokol Olldashi.

“No individual rights or the rule of law has been infringed. Certainly that every individual has the administrative right to complain and follow the legal procedures through courts. Everything has been made with this decision of the Council of Ministers, which is completely based on the Constitution and the laws in effect. This is not a new law, and nothing new has been invented here”, Gjermeni declared.

“This normative act goes against the Constitution. It violates the right and guarantee for special protection that our Constitution provides, a right that the Constitution of a state that respects the rule of law gives for properties. Intervening to legally built constructions, or those that you bring as a novelty, you have in fact intervened with the protection that is made to this property by the Constitution”, declared the Democratic Party Parliament Member, Genc Ruli.

The hearing session spurred harsh debates between the Parliament Members, and the opposition asked the government to withdraw this decision that, according to them, would make the Albanian citizen address to the European Court, causing damages for the country.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Albania likely destination for destroying Syrian chemical stockpiles

Albania likely destination for destroying Syrian chemical stockpiles

Syrian chemical weapons stockpiles might be destroyed in Albania. This was announced by the US e-daily "Global security newswire."

It refers to its own information sources as well as a number of prominent non-governmental experts in the field of security and disarmament.
According to their data, transportation of chemical warfare agents from Syria to Albania for subsequent destruction is "an increasingly likely" development.
In addition, it is possible that besides Albania, Syrian chemical weapons arsenals may be destroyed in Belgium and France.

Inspectors missed an early chemical disarmament deadline in Syria over security reasons. In a statement on Monday the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons confirmed verification had been completed at 21 out of the 23 sites identified by the Syrian government.
According to a report revealed for the first time by the chief of the international chemical watchdog Syria declared the existence of 41 chemical weapons facilities at 23 chemical sites.
The chief of the organization said in his first report to the UN Security Council that the inspectors had confirmed information provided by Damascus at 37 of the 41 facilities.
Safety concerns prevented the UN team from reaching two chemical weapons sites.
No details are yet available on what kind of facilities are in the two missed sites but UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon reported to the Security Council security is reviewed at the two locations.
According to some sources the two sites appear to be in contested areas and ceasefires between the government and the rebels are regarded as a key access to them.
Although officials do not see this hurdle as a threat to the disarmament process many fear that it may signal an ambitious timeline and the risks the UN team faces while conducting their mission.
The question also remains whether Syria has given complete details on its chemical arsenal.
According to some American officials the number of chemical sites may amount to 45.
Complete destruction of Syria’s chemical weapons production equipment is scheduled for November 1 and the overall disarmament is expected by mid-2014.
Meanwhile UN-Arab League Joint special envoy, Lakhdar Brahimi, arrived in Syria on Monday to promote the Geneva -2 international conference on Syria.
Brahmi was received by Syrian Deputy Minister Faisal Mekdad but it is not yet clear whether he would meet President Assad.
The security situation in war-torn Syria has prevented international inspectors from visiting two remaining chemical weapons sites, the global watchdog said on Monday.
Inspectors had by Sunday visited 21 of 23 chemical sites, but "the two remaining sites have not been visited due to security reasons," The Hague-based Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons said in a statement.
Efforts by the joint OPCW-UN mission, charged with destroying Syria's chemical arsenal by mid-2014, "to ensure the conditions necessary for safe access to those sites, will continue," said the OPCW, which won this year's Nobel Peace Prize.
Syria submitted a formal declaration of its chemical weapons programme ahead of an October 27 deadline, together with a general plan of destruction.
Inspectors on the unprecedented mission within a war zone were supposed to have visited all sites declared by Syria by the same deadline of Sunday.
Damascus was required to submit the destruction plan under a US-Russian deal agreed last month that headed off military strikes on Syria.
President Bashar al-Assad's regime has handed over an inventory of its chemical weapons and facilities, and international inspectors are already busy inspecting and destroying them.
A first monthly report of the inspectors, covering their work on the ground since October 1, is to be sent to the UN Security Council by UN chief Ban Ki-moon.
The OPCW's Executive Council will use the Syrian declaration to decide by November 15 on "destruction milestones" for Syria's arsenal.
Syria has also sent in a declaration of its chemical weapons activities and facilities, meeting its obligations as a new state party to the Chemical Weapons Convention.

U.S. would continue to support Albanian in the combat against corruption and organized crime

TIRANA, Oct. 29 (Xinhua) -- A visiting U.S. official on Tuesday said the U.S. would continue to support Albanian in the combat against corruption and organized crime as well as in its future membership of the European Union.
"We discussed our common goal to advance Albania's efforts on its path towards the EU membership and we affirmed the U.S. commitment to supporting Albania also in its endeavors to combat corruption and organized crime," U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Hoyt Yee said after meeting with Albanian Foreign Minister Ditmir Bushati.

"We discussed the strong relations, friendship and partnership between U.S. and Albania and further promote these relations," the U.S. official said. He also commended Albania's role in NATO-led peacekeeping missions, especially in Afghanistan.
For his part, Bushati said Albania would continue reforms in the country.
"I assured U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary that Albanian government will press ahead with tangible reforms in the area of rule of law, fight against corruption and organized crime and justice reform, not only to speed up the country's European integration process, but also to transform the Albanian society," Bushati said.
Albanian Media
Former diplomats write to Samaras: Cautious with Tirana

Former diplomats write to Samaras: Cautious with Tirana
The so-called “diplomatic cycle”, a group of 23 former Greek ambassadors, most of whom serving in key countries abroad, have sent a letter to the Greek Prime Minister, Andonis Samaras, referring to the foreign policyt matters, warning that the financial crisis should not remove the priority role of the national matters of Greece.

The letter has been signed also by the Greek former Ambassador to Turkey and the former head of the National Intelligence Service, Ioannis Krantis, Kostantinos Politis, former Ambassador to Albania, and the former Ambassadors to Belgrade and Cyprus.

Among the national matters for Greece, besides the relations with Turkey, Skopje and Cyprus, is also the relation with Albania.

The former Ambassadors remind him that Albania, according to them, is a country created by the Great Powers in 1913 and that so far has not held a friendly position towards Athens, becoming a problematic country for Greece since its formation.

“After the positive developments for Tirana with the matters of Kosovo and Skopje, the rivalry of Tirana with Athens is increasing”, they say.

According to the Greek diplomats, the “help in NATO membership without anything in exchange and the support for the European Union integration by leaving the Northern Epirus matter unsettled, has increased Albania’s ambitions and this can be noted with the leaders Berisha and Rama, typical Balkan leaders, who have taken considerable political benefits from Athens without giving anything in exchange”.

For the Cham matter, the former ambassadors remind that “this Muslim population should have been evicted to Turkey according to the Losana agreement, they underline that they have cooperated with the Italians and the Germans during the Second World Wars, and then returned to Albania, and that most of the Albanian politics considers this period as historic and a matter of holocaust for the Albanian population”.

The final advise that the former diplomats give to the Greek Prime Minister, is that Athens should correct its mistakes of the past and be more cautious with Tirana’s goal in the European Union.

Πρώτο κόμμα η Χρυσή Αυγή στην δημοσκόπηση του" The Golden Dawn is the first party voted in Greece 
The Golden Dawn is the first in the poll  to the large open poll,said the known journalist Makis Triandafillopoulos today during interview received from the party's spokesman Elias Kasidiari .
The spokesman of the Golden Dawn spoke today on the show " The Unknown P" of  Maki Triantafillopoulos and called immediate release to the "political hostages ,, the Secretary General party  , N.Michaloliakou and Members  Ch.Pappas and N.Lagou .

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Albania To Ban Offshore Poker Sites

Country Only Wants Gambling To Be Done With Domestic Firms


Albania, a country in Southeastern Europe with a population of about 2.8 million, will be banning online gambling sites, the Associated Press reported.
The country is reportedly one of the poorest in Europe and officials are hoping to prevent any of what has historically been spent on online betting there from leaving the country going forward.
Albanians reportedly spend between $690 million and $965 million a year on Internet gambling.
There are domestic gambling operations in the country, and officials have been cracking down on that industry as well, but it is not being banned.
Albania’s Prime Minister, Edi Rama, said last week that the government would prepare a bill to prohibit offshore sites from offering games to those within the nation.
Albania’s economy shrunk by nearly one percent in 2012.

Vatican: Kosovo, the cradle of the Serbian Orthodox Church (Source: Century,

sebiThe Vatican does not intend to recognize the unilaterally declared independence of Kosovo Albanians , says Cardinal Kasper Wallter to Kathpress Catholic daily .
Cardinal is the president of the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity headquartered in Vatican . He was on a visit to Russia last month , where he met with the head of the Russian Orthodox Church Patriarch Alexei II . After meeting for the first Russian media said that , ” the Vatican understands the concerns of Russia and the Orthodox Church on the issue of Kosovo . We also understand that Kosovo is the cradle of the Serbian Orthodox Church . ”
He also added that the Holy See’s position is that all ethnic minorities have equal rights to religious , cultural , social and self-determination . But according to Cardinal Kasper , Serbs are seriously ” limited ” in achieving these rights .
Kasper Wallter within the Vatican diplomatic circles is known as ” one of the most influential personalities of the Church and one of the best diplomats to the Vatican and a man who enjoys the confidence of the current Pope Benedict XVI .”
It seems to change the current position of the Vatican did not affect either the presence of a small Catholic community in Kosovo .
Community more than 60,000 Catholics, mostly ethnic Albanian origin has experienced difficulties with practical issues in the life of the Church , the Vatican also hopes to improve relations between local churches and the global Church . When Archbishop Juliusz Janusz was appointed by Pope Benedict XVI , as the new ambassador , or ” Apostolic Nuncio ” in Slovenia on February 10 , he was also charged with the responsibility of apostolic delegate to Kosovo . Press Office of the Holy See explained that as an apostolic delegate has the responsibility of his ” purely ecclesiastical ” and that ” the relationship between the Vatican and Catholics in Kosovo is completely distinct from diplomatic activity ” .
” The mission of an apostolic delegate is not a diplomatic nature , but ( it ) with the request to adequately meet the pastoral needs of the Catholic faithful , ” the Vatican said .
In the newspaper ” Politika Belgrade Serbia ” interviewed Archbishop Orlando Antonini , the Vatican Nuncio in Serbia , the consequences of the appointment .
He guarantees that the Holy See has not changed its stance on Kosovo .
Apostolic Delegates in similar situations exist all over the world Puerto Rico , for example , is legally a U.S. territory , but it is within the jurisdiction of the Church of the Dominican Republic . The same is true for the islands of the Caribbean and elsewhere in the world , he explained .
How to talk to the Vatican for recognition , said the Holy Nuncio will not speak until governments in Pristina and Belgrade will not agree on the subject of his status.
Changes at the anti-mafia law

Changes at the anti-mafia law
After two years of discussion with the international and domestic justice actors, the Ministry of Justice handed to Parliament the final draft of the Anti-Mafia law amends.

The novelty of this proposition is passing the competences of corruption to the Court and Prosecution of Serious Crimes.

The draft-law passes 21 crimes of the Anti-Mafia package of 2009, known as the law “for preventing and hitting organized crime and traffic through preventive measures against assets and wealth”.

Exactly for this reason they have proposed to include in the Anti-Mafia package the acts: asking and giving recompense for adoption procedures; active and passive corruption in the private sector; active corruption of people who lead public functions; active corruption of foreign public employees; exerting illegal influence; violating equality in tenders; passive corruption of persons who exert public functions.

Interesting is the fact that the draft-law requests the inclusion of the following crimes at the Anti-Mafia package: active and passive corruption of judges, prosecutors, domestic or foreign arbitraries, high state officials and of foreign judge members.

The inclusion of these acts aims not only to prevent corruptive acts by seizing and confiscating unjustified assets of the people under investigation, but also against the assets of relatives to the officials that are suspected, such as wives, children, grandparents, grandchildren, and even father in laws, mother in laws, stepdaughters, stepsons, stepmothers and stepfathers.

The Ministry of Justice says in the accompanying relation that based on statistics, there have been a high number of reported crimes from 2011-2012, and a low number of convicts.

The Ministry of Justice thinks that the passing of these acts under the competency of the Serious Crimes doesn’t damage the work of the task-force units for following the economic crime cases, which have 48 other crimes under their competency.

The relation foresees the for Parliament Members, Constitutional Court Judges, Supreme Court Judges and Judges, the Prosecutor has the obligation to file at the respective organ an authorization request to pursue with the arrest, detention of any kind or searches, a request that needs to be argued with facts and evidence based on the law.

But by changing article 288 for defining the lawfulness in every phase of the process against people with immunity, the Ministry thinks that article 289 of the Criminal Code, in which are extended the guarantees of personal immunity not only for arrests and detentions, but also for other measures, such as the identification or communication surveillance.

PM wants EU "to stop moving target on Kosovo"

LONDON -- PM Ivica Dačić has urged EU countries "to stop setting new conditions on the issue of Kosovo," as Serbia is expected to officially open its membership talks.
(Tanjug, file)
(Tanjug, file)
Dačić complained in an interview for AFP that "you never know where the finish line is" in membership negotiations with Brussels.
"We don't ask for any privileges; the only thing that we ask for is not to introduce new criteria on top of the criteria and benchmarks that have already been set," he told the French news agency.

"We are constantly facing this problem of moving targets - you never know where your finish line is," he said, blaming "some member states" for introducing new requirements.

Dačić stressed that delegates attending a forum in London on Tuesday aimed at attracting foreign investments "would be looking for Serbia to join the European Union as a prerequisite," and said that "the most important thing in our negotiations on EU membership is not going to be an internal issue, but Kosovo."

"For this reason we need to always keep in mind that we should work on the normalization of relations (with Priština) and also on the implementation of agreements that were reached in Brussels."

He also "urged" Serbs in Kosovo to vote in local elections on Sunday -"in the face of a campaign of opposition from many Serbs there who vehemently reject the territory's self-proclaimed independence."

"They should go and vote at these elections, not to help and assist Priština but to elect the authorities which are going to be legal and legitimate and which would be recognized by Belgrade, Priština and Brussels as well," Dačić was quoted as saying.

Greece suggest "Slavic-Albanian Macedonia" to end dispute

SKOPJE -- The Greek negotiator in the decades-long dispute over the name of Macedonia has put forward a proposal to call the country "the Slavic-Albanian Macedonia."
A view of Skopje (Tanjug, file)
A view of Skopje (Tanjug, file)
This is according to a report in the Skopje-based daily Dnevnik.
The former Yugoslav republic's constitutional name is "the Republic of Macedonia," but the right of its northern neighbor to use the name is disputed by Greece, which has a province by the same name.

The country was admitted to the United Nations under the name "the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FRYOM)."

The latest round of negotiations between Athens and Skopje, held in New York with the mediation of UN official Matthew Nimetz, ended without any progress.

During the talks, Greek negotiator Adamantios Vassilakis asked that the country's new name should be used in all documents, regardless of whether they were internal or external.

Nimetz previously suggested "the Republic of Upper Macedonia," but Skopje rejected that proposal as "utterly unacceptable."

In the meantime, Greece is blocking Macedonia's Euro-Atlantic integrations pending a resolution of the name dispute.

Spiegel: The US Embassy in Athens Eavesdropped

US Embassy in AthensAccording to the German news magazine Der Spiegel, the Embassy of the United States in Athens, Greece, is described as “a center of interceptions and bugging” in a document of the National Security Agency (NSA).
Special intelligence units, called Special Collection Services, staffed by US agents are present in 80 countries, 19 of whom are in Europe- among them Greece, Spiegel wrote.
That document appears to be included in the data which leaked by Snowden. Edward Snowden is an exiled American computer specialist and former CIA employee and NSA contractor who disclosed classified details of several top-secret United States and British government mass surveillance programs to the press. He is living in Russia under temporary political asylum and is considered a fugitive from justice by American authorities, who have charged him with espionage and theft of government property.
According to the Greek newspaper Ta Nea, apart from the special intelligence unit located in Athens, there is also equipment operating remotely without requiring the presence of personnel.
The equipment is installed on the upper floors or the roof of the embassy, located on Vasilissis Sofias Avenue in central Athens, and is covered by panels or constructions.
Such a construction made of white building materials is visible on the roof of the US Embassy in Athens, at the old building that sees at St Petrou Kokkali and ends at Vasilissis Sofias Avenue.

The Story of Oxi Day

The Story of Oxi Day

Girl of Albanian Origin to Hold Greek Flag

paradeAs published by, a school in Hersonisos, Crete, was cause for talk throughout the region. Parents and students reacted when the school decided that an Albanian student will be the leader of the school parade on October 28. The Albanian girl is the best student of the school.
This decision outraged some of the girl’s classmates and their parents. They believe that it is unacceptable for an Albanian student to hold the Greek flag. The situation appears to be smoothing, after the intervention of institutional authorities.
Lazaros Markou, the president of ELME (union of teachers) in Heraklion, spoke to Alpha News 106.2 about the incident.  “This excellent student may be of Albanian origin but she has a Greek citizenship. There were reactions, but both teachers and the school director tried to convince those who disagreed that racist ideas do not fit in the school environment.”

"Ongoing campaign against Serbs in Croatia"

ZAGREB -- Cyrillic is being proclaimed "the script of an aggressor," while Serbs in Croatia are accused of falsely registering during the census, says Milorad Pupovac.
(FoNet, file)
(FoNet, file)
In an interview for the Belgrade-based Blic newspaper, the leader of the Autonomous Democratic Serb Party (SDSS) added that "although some are assuring us that there was no campaign against the Serbs or the Cyrillic script in Croatia, too much has been said to confirm that such a campaign is being lead."
Pupovac is coming to Belgrade to participate in a meeting organized by the Institute for Language of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts (SANU). He is expected to speak about language ideologies, politics and intolerance in "the post-Yugoslav countries," the daily said.

"After the meeting between (Croatian) Prime Minister Zoran Milanović with representatives of the defenders organized as leaders of a campaign against Cyrillic, and after withdrawal of the police, the situation has been somewhat more peaceful in spite of the removal of two plates in two scripts (Latin and Cyrillic). As regards a compromise, I can say there is room for it, but everyone should contribute," Pupovac was quoted as saying, and adding:

"It is always forgotten in this campaign that the citizens of Vukovar of Serb nationality were also killed or suffered. The atmosphere that is being created now is such that war will be more important than peace."

Pupovac welcomed the recent meeting between the two countries' presidents, and said it was "good because it has the symbolic power even when there are no other effects. I do not know if it was historical."

Speaking about the genocide lawsuits that Croatia and Serbia filed against one another before the International Court of Justice, he said that "political strength and consensus" were necessary in other to make a deal on the status of the lawsuits, but that this was "missing in Croatia at the moment."

Monday, October 28, 2013

Weekly "Proto Thema"

Albanian students in Greece, organized to demand political formation, a Federation

Greek national intelligence service, EYP, has alarmed the government of Samara, on a national threat, which could come through a new organization, by the Albanians studying at Greek universities.

"Crown Agents Limited" takes Customs

Crown Agents Limited takes Customs
The government has approved an agreement that gives the “Crown Agents Limited” the right to assist and survey the Albanian customs.

According to this decision, the British Company will assist for improving the performance, increasing revenues and reducing corruption in the customs administration. The agreement has not made public yet, but soon it will be sent for approval at the Albanian Parliament.

The government says that through this service, the private company aims to improve the results of the customs administration in the tax collection, by reducing the fiscal evasion and the corruption in the customs administration. Sources from the Ministry of Finances say that for this service, the company will be paid through a success fee that has not been made public yet.