Saturday, November 22, 2008

Two Cemeteries for Greek Heroes in Albania

Two military cemeteries will be built in Albania for Greek heroes, who lost their life during the Greek-Italian war from 1940-41. The agreement was signed in Tirana and is the result of long negotiations with the Albanian side.Foreign Minister Dora Bakoyannis expressed her satisfaction to the Albanian government and people for their cooperation and understanding.

She also reported the agreement settles an issue of humanitarian and emotional importance to the Greek people.She also thanked Deputy Foreign Minister Theodoros Kassimis and the head of the negotiating team Ambassador Eleftherios Angelopoulos, the Ambassador Dimosthenis Stoidis and all the members of the Foreign and Defence Ministries, as they had worked hard and responsibly to settle the above issue.
Albania "hopes" by Athens the vote from the Greek Parliament about SAA process, negotiating for the Greek cemeteries but the Greek organisations in Diaspora and more half member of the Greek parliament are against joint Albania to NATO and EU if the politic and civil rights to the Greek minority of Albania will continue to be violated.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

George Tenet suggests Obama for his chief of staff.

The man of Obama for the CIA

All show that the favorite for the post of Director of the CIA under the chairmanship of Barak Obama will be John Brennan who has a career behind him 25 years to tackle terrorism. J. Brennan has worked as an analyst and as an officer in the CIA offices abroad and was the first director of the National Antiterrorism Center . His link with Obama since the beginning of the campaign with the recommendation of Anthony Lake was national security adviser to Clinton and was his adviser on matters of information and asfaleias.

John Brennan served as a personnel officer of ex Director George Tenet and'90s decade was the CIA station in Riyadh, S. Arabia. He was the man who informed each morning the President Clinton will do the same with Obama in the case appointed Director of Central Intelligence.

As a close associate of Tenet as Cabinet Chief of CIA Director, John Brennan, pioneered in the program unacceptable kidnapping, imprisonment and interrogations by the CIA which has been publicly critical of Barak Obama, and the program of monitoring communications within the IPA.

Brennan was born on 22 September 1955 in N. Jersey, he studied political science at Fordham University, the American University of Cairo (the speaks fluent Arabic) and the University of Texas.

After the National Greek Newspaper "ETHNOS" which accused some days ago the MP Berisha for the scandal of Kakomea and particularly for the "Wold Bank Project" during Ionian Coast Line, today another newspaper in Greece the weekly "STOXOS" raises new accuse for the family of PM Berisha.

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One day ago, the albanian press declared that : "Athens will regonize Kosovo"

"Greece won't recognize Kosovo"
19 November 2008
Greek Ambassador to Belgrade Christos Panagopoulos told Tanjug on Wednesday that his country's position on Kosovo remains unchanged.Panagopoulos said the position of the Greek government and its foreign ministry has not changed, and that Greece "will not recognize any time soon Kosovo, in keeping with respect of territorial integrity of states".

Priština daily Koha Ditore has misquoted Greek Foreign Minister Dora Bakoyannis as saying that Athens will allegedly recognize Kosovo soon, Panagopouls said. Any wrong interpretation or undue tension should be avoided, as Greek Prime Minister Costas Karamanlis told Serbian Prime Minister Mirko Cvetković when he visited Athens one week ago, he said.

"I do not know what will happen later, but I do know that we will not recognize Kosovo in the near future," Panagopoulos told the news agency, stressing this was "a very categorical position". Albanian television channel Vision said, and Koha Ditore, along with some other regional media outlets, cited its report that Bakoyannis announced a recognition of Kosovo. This media report was denied by the Greek foreign ministry earlier on Wednesday.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Photo: PM Berisha during last tour in Himara.
Is unclear the position of PM Sali Berisha regarding the investment of national road Drimades Ag. Saranda financed by the funds of Pan Hellenic Federation of the World and the Greek Government. The segment Drimades - Vuno 8 km still stands closed since last year when the national road Vlora - Ag. Saranda to be inaugurated.

But something other is sure that the "World Bank Project" helped by the son in law of PM Berisha Jamarber Maltezi as the represent of Albania to the World Bank Coast Project, has financed the interurban way of "Gjipeas" while the national segment Drimades - Vuno has stoped the construction.

According to information, another tourist village in "Gipeas Bay" after Kakomea, Porto Palermo, Jali and Palasa, has been projected to start the construction from the Albanian National Council for Tourism. Some voices by the villagers said that Berisha`s family is linked with anonymous investors, client of "Maltezi Legal Office" in Tirana.

Sources from Albanian Press, one of most known investor client of Maltezi Legal Office" to construct Kakomea Tourist Village in collaboration with french company ClubMed is "Riviera Company".
One week ago the V/Chairman of Socialist Group Party, Erion Brace, denounced in Albanian parliament the link of Berisha`s son in law Jamarber Maltezi who has registered in Tribunal of Tirana as President of a private Company linked with objects that the World Bank Investments finances in Southern Albania.


Satisfaction in Tirana about the declaration of Bakogianis to joint Albania to EU, but on the Greek Parliament began the debate about SAA with Albania.

The Albanian opinion thinks that Athens could ratifie the SAA to joint Albania to NATO and EU. During an interview of Greek FM Bakogianis for the Albanian Private Channel TV "Vizion Plus" becames very complicated the waiting campaing of albanian politics to acomplisce the obligations to the way to joint EU.

Bakogianis promises the Albanian opinion for Greek diplomatic decision but to have officially the Greek support must approve by the vote of the Greek Parliament which has begun last Monday the debate inside commissions of Parliament about SAA of Albania.

Photo: The greek member of Parliament (LAOS) Athanasios Plevris
But the Greek parliament "is unclear" to accept ASS with Albania since Tirana is unprepared to implemente the politic and civil rights of Ethnic Greek Community and some other issue which have been historically obstacle between tow countries.

On Monday the LAOS Party, member of Parliament Athanasiso Plevris asked during a debate of Foreign and strategic national interests V/FM Valinakis for the right of properties of the Greek minority who lives on Ionian Cast Line and particularly the Kakomea Issue, which is become an important matter for the National Strategy of Greece to protect the interests of the Greek community known as northern epiriotes, expressed that Albania does not take any ticket to joint NATO and EU without giving the politic and civil rights to the Greek community.

During debate, V/FM Valinakis expressed the opinion of Athens to support Albania to joint NATO and EU if the conditions of the Greek Ethnic Minority will be guaranteed and stability by Tirana. according to the international obligations of Tirana promised to the Human Rights chapters.
One week ago the Greek World Organisation SAE sent a resolute to the Greek Parliament to stop the SAA with Albania since the Greek minority continues to be discriminated by Albanian authorities.

Monday, November 17, 2008

US State Dept Calls On Kosovo To Support EU Police Mission

November 17, 2008
BELGRADE (AFP)--A top U.S. official Monday urged Kosovo to support a deal that would allow the deployment of a European Union police mission, but the Kosovan president reiterated his opposition. Daniel Fried, the U.S. State Department's top diplomat for European affairs, held talks with president Fatmir Sejdiu over a deal between Serbia and the E.U. on the 2,000-strong E.U. police and justice mission in Kosovo, called EULEX.

"I believe that despite the questions and concerns and even disagreement...the way forward can be found that allows EULEX to deploy promptly and throughout Kosovo," Fried said.
The U.S. "support the deployment of EULEX as soon as possible," Fried said, adding that the E.U.'s goal of activating the mission in December would be the best timing.
Fried said the plan could "do a lot of good and no harm." "But we respect the fact that the Kosovo government has a different view," he said.

Kosovo, which unilaterally declared independence from Serbia in February, has opposed the agreement between Brussels and Belgrade on the deployment of the law-and-order force.
Belgrade reached a deal with the E.U., which would keep local customs and police services in the Serb-dominated areas in northern Kosovo under U.N. and EULEX command.
The accord must be approved by the U.N. Security Council at Serbia's request.
The authorities in Pristina see the deal as a breach of Kosovo's sovereignty and territorial integrity.

"Such a document is unacceptable for Pristina," Sejdiu said after the talks with Fried.
The declaration of independence by Kosovo's ethnic Albanian leaders has so far won recognition from more than 50 states, including the U.S. and most members of the European Union.
Serbia, backed by its traditional ally Russia, promptly rejected the move as illegal.
EULEX was planned to replace a U.N. mission that had administered Kosovo since the end of conflict between Serb forces and pro-independence Albanian rebels in 1999.
MPs fast as OSCE urges Albania to improve vote law

The European Union has made it clear that the vote must be of a high standard if Albania wants to advance to join the 27-member bloc.
Monday, 17 November 2008 17:05
Europe's main security and democracy forum urged Albania's political parties on Monday to improve a disputed new electoral code that has prompted 10 members of parliament to go on hunger strike. Sitting in the debating chamber under a banner declaring "votes are sacred", the MPs entered the seventh day of their fast as police manned cordons outside the building, where hundreds of protesters had gathered. The lawmakers, all from small parties, believe the proposed new regional system of proportional representation will greatly reduce their number of seats at next year's general election.

The ambassador of the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe, Robert Bosch, told reporters it would "not rubber stamp" the election code. The OSCE then issued a statement saying that "the draft Electoral Code, which was prepared by the Albanians themselves, was an achievement, but that it still needs some fine tuning". "For that reason, it needs to be discussed in the proper fora by the parties, but not under coercion by any one grouping," the OSCE said, referring to the hunger strike. The ruling Democratic Party and main opposition Socialist Party had been expected to force the new code through parliament in a vote on Monday.

But they postponed it until Tuesday, apparently in response to the OSCE comments and the protest by Socialist Integration Movement (SIM) and Christian Democratic (CHD) supporters. CHD leader Nard Ndoka said they had asked for two weeks to re-negotiate the draft code. The draft law does not formally require the OSCE's approval, but its opinion is important because its observers will be the arbiters of whether the election, expected next spring, is free and fair. The European Union has made it clear that the vote must be of a high standard if Albania wants to advance to join the 27-member bloc. Albania, which for decades was one of Europe's most rigid communist states, has yet to hold elections that meet international standards.
FYROM takes Greece to court over NATO

SKOPJE, Nov 17 (Reuters) - FYROM on Monday filed a lawsuit against Greece before the International Court of Justice in The Hague accusing Athens of blocking its NATO membership, the foreign minister said.

FYROM had hoped to receive an invitation to join NATO earlier this year along with Albania and Croatia. NATO-member Greece blocked the move because of a dispute over Macedonia's name, which is also the name of its northern province. 'We have thought this very thoroughly before initiating the case, but we don't see any other way to satisfy justice and protect our rights' said Antonio Milososki, Macedonia's foreign minister.

'We hope that this move will incite Greece to bring into accord its actions with the international legal obligations, and stimulate both sides to accomplish a final solution for the unsolved questions,' he said. In 1995, the two countries signed an agreement by which Macedonia agreed to use the provisional name 'The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia' in international organisations while Greece pledged not to block FYROM's integration into the European Union and NATO.

FYROM says Greece has violated the agreement. Greece objects to the name Macedonia, saying it implies a claim on the northern Greek province of the same name.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Greek Newspaper "ETHNOS":

Divided the Greek Minority to the next politic elections in Albania, "Athens is sleeping soundly...."


The Greek minority in Albania, is passing a dangerous period to the front of the politic elections next year.

The Battle for new members of Albanian parliament has divided in tow part the Human Rights Party - UHRP known as support of the Greek Minority in Albania. The internal conflict in UHRP manifested by the decision of the President V. Doules to dismiss K. Barka, who participated in the coalition government as Minister of Labor in connection with the dismissal of the General Secretary of Ministry A. Marto, a close friend of V. Doule.

At the same time the Himara Region is considered particularly negative development to "freeze" the distribution of property to former owners, and the Municipality of Himara accept criticism because he did not take initiatives before the law 7501 to be replaced in favor of old owners particularly for the best properties in the tourist area of Himara Region.

It also criticism that many of the local minority executives confrontation with the Albanian authorities are simply to cover the conciliation that exists in other «fronts».

In this region (Lukovo - Himara - Ag Saranda) , already the son in law of the PM S. Berisha (Jamarber Maltezi) as the important manager of World Bank programs to promote "tolerance of the Greek minority actors in the establishment and operation of "tourist villages" against any interest of the Greek Population property, while Mr. Berisha himself for obvious reasons chose an Orthodox in religion, an unknown personage, who were granted 8000 acres of property in the Greek tourist area, which supposedly belonged to the family of an Albanian doctor before the Communist regime.

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The propriety scandal of Vlora
Photo: properties original documents".

The high represent of Republican Guard the General Ndrea Prendi is observing the confrontation between the Albanian Authorities of Residence of Government and the legitimate owners in “Cold Water” quarter of Vlora. The owners Patsos Family came from Greece when they live since 1991, have raised their right about the propriety to the represent of Government Residence but has not any reaction.
According to Albanian Newspaper “KOHA JONE” the conflict is in high risk since one week ago, between guard’s troop, and private polices which have a contract with the Building Company.
Anyway according to newspaper the owners in collaboration with Company have opened penal process against Guard troops which armated with guns have menaced the right of propriety destructing the border.


International articles:

Michaletos Ioannis (RIEAS Analyst)
The Albanian state is heavily dependent on USA influence that spans through the entire military and security apparatus, as is the case in Kosovo and in general in all Albanian populated Balkan communities.
Historically, the Albanians were prone into embedding into stronger states that were characterized by global influence and were not neighbors of them. Examples include the Turks (Ottoman Empire), the German-Italian Axis, the Soviets, the Chinese and USA lately. The result in each case was catastrophic for the Albanians since their stance resulted in the alliance of their Balkan neighbors and the alienation of Tirana from major world developments that occur often in history and change dramatically the balance of powers in the Balkan region.

Tet a Tet Obama - Medvedev meeting in Athens!

Karamanlis initiative as new OSCE Presidency of Greece for 2009

The Greek newspaper Elefteros Tipos writes about a possibile meeting between US President Barack Obama with Russian counterpart Dimitri Medvedev in occasion of the Greek Presidency of OSCE which starts on January 2009.

Can imagine the Barak Obama to sit "tet a tet" with Dimitri Medvedef under the invitation of Costas Karamanlis? This ambitious project, according to secure information, is already the subject of intensive preparation a surprise under high-impact communication of the Greek Government and the Prime Minister Karamanlis from the pressures of domestic politics and the prestige of the country in the new international environment created by electing of BarakObama as the President of the USA.

The intention is to take place of the Summit of the OSCE (Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe) next spring (the Greek presidency starting in January) on European security, invited 56 heads of state and among them the new president of the USA and successor to Vladimir Putin to the presidency Dimitri Medvedev.

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