Thursday, April 16, 2009



Even continues to hold about 100 thousand ton explosive inside deposit Albanian army, as potential dangerous for population, Berisha wants to buy "Eurocoopter" helicopters from France.

According to newspaper "Libertas" the Albanian PM Berisha begins his plain for modernisation of Albanian army, only tow week after Albania join NATO alliance. The foreign military experts have remained stunned for the decision of Berisha who on Aprill 24 must meet with french president Nickolas Sarkozy in Paris.

Albania poseses about 12 helicopter from military aids of Italy and Germany in a time when the obligation of NATO for 2% or General Public Product to be planed for militarisation.

But according to "Libertas" there is no information about the costs of the french helicopters while Tirana has seeing the possibility to buy "Sikorsky" helicopters from USA.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter message from the chairman of the OMONOIAS Vasilis Bolanos

Dear compatriots! I want to wish all the northern epiriotes the celebration of Easter as one of the most brilliant and Christian celebrations.

This Easter let us not just a personal or family day celebration and an opportunity to show more self-sacrifice and love for the fellow and the place for us.

Happy Easter!

Vasilis Bolanos

General Chairman of "Omonoia"

Monday, April 13, 2009

Press Release

The Riviera Association
The Himariote Community Association
The Association “The Intelectuals of Himara

Tirana, April 11, 2009

The associations “Riviera”,“Himariote Community”, and The Intelectuals of Himara” with their branches inTirana, Himara, Athens and Washington D.C. express their concern about the violations done in their properties in the area of Ionian Riviera.

The associations have shown several times by facts that state institutions and especially the local Commission for Property’ s Restitution and Compensation (CPRC) have“permitted” that different individuals to take over the properties inherited bythe lawful owners of the Ionian Riviera. It’s strange to notice that in asingle day (May 29, 2006) three consecutive decisions of local CPRC of Vlora, respectively nr. 133, 134, 135, restituted to one single person, respectively 5.5; 2 and 2 hectares.

By decision nr. 175 of June 21, 2006, to the same person isrestituted an area of 33.3 hectares. A different decision of the same CPRC on April 20, 2006, restituted 4 hectares to another person from Dhërmi, through a “gjyq fakti” that deserves to be investigated.

These factsare the peak of iceberg of a big corruption with the deeds in the Ionian Riviera. The last data of World Economic Forum for the Travel and Turist Competitiveness Index shows clearly and dramatically that Albania is ranked in the 126 placeout of 136 countries of the world with regard to the respect of ownershipr ights. Our associations are deeply concerned about the impact of thissituation for the future of the development of the area.

TheAlbanian Government still doesn’t seems to find the power to take the distancesfrom the shadows of the infamous law 7501, that is chasing back as Macdaff ghost,the solution of this fundamental issue for the prosperity of the area. Ourassociations congratulate the government for the rejection of the decision ofthe government 111, decision that allowed the use of an area of more than 10hectares by illegitimate usurpers.

But we would wished that the Government andall the political forces to take the courage to see the reality and take thenecessary actions for giving back the property to the lawful owners. By doingthis, they will contribute positively to the long-term and sustainabledevelopment of Albanian and especially to the Ionian Riviera.

Ourassociations are deeply concerned by the strange attitude of the OECD, thatstill ‘can not find time” to meet our representatives. OECD, very strangely,insists in the first registration of properties under the law 7501!!! While thepopulation of the Ionian Riviera, for 18 consecutive years, have expressedclearly, without any hesitation and by overwhelming majority, for the solutionof this issue through the restitution of properties to the lawful owners.

Is of concern that still theexpropriation for the construction of the national road are not yetcompensated, while the construction firms are continuing their work. This can arisenegative conflicts as has already has happened in other areas of Albania. Our associations are collaboratingwith the community and the local government and have already finished the listsof all lawful owners, aiming to begin the process of restitution and resolvingthis major concern. The Himariote community is committed to the last sacrifice.

Sunday, April 12, 2009


"Vasil Bollano must comply Albanian symbols and not to oppose the decisions of his government", expressed Genc Ruli Minister of Economy, during a meeting with his electorate in Gjirokaster. For the first time that a declaration against a coalition member government was showed.

Genc Ruli during the first period as Minister of Finance in 1993, has been accused by president Berisha for corruption while now is the member of his government.

According to the newspaper "Korrieri", the declaration of Ruli has become a critical moment when the Berisha government is waiting until April 21, the decision of District Court of Vlora to give the final verdict against the mayor of Himara.

Anyway, Tirana is entered on a strong international observation especially after join NATO, where in particular, the issue of the respect of human rights and the local autonomy is to discuss to the State Department.

For the final decision of the Court of Vlora`s district, is waiting also a meeting of U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton with a represents of the Pan Epiriotic Federation of USA, especially Greek American citizens from Himara, to discuss about the expected developments in Albania.

On latest developments, the Pan Associations of Himara`s Region, held in Tirana a meeting denouncing the massive corruption of lands and properties in areas between Saranda and Himara. They denounced the Government the Albanian Courts which taken decisions against basic human rights and property, in the areas inhabited by ethnic Greeks in Himara and Saranda regions.

From his part, during an interviste of Vasil Bollanos to the newspaper Libertas, he accuses strongly the Albanian authorities for the problematic created for the landing process in the region.