Saturday, October 4, 2008

Albanian Prime Minister Sali Berisha visited Southern Albania in occasion of giving tow citizenship for christian community (Northern Epiriotes) which are waiting the final vote from the Greek Parliament next days.


The Albanian Prime Minister Sali Berisha made a tour in Southern Albania (Northern Epirus) visiting some of villages when live a large Greek ethnic community. Berisha who was presented as "philo greek" during the meeting with a litlle group that present Greek families called to the Greek community to came back from emigration to invest in their lands and properties.

Under diplomatic references, Brerisha spoken also for tow citizenship for the Greeks of Albania saying that "I has been favorite since the greek government decision in 2006, for tow citizenship for Greek omogens of Albania".

But in fact Tirana is observing a decision voting from Greek Parliament which will give next days all greeks omogen especialy for northern epiriotes the tow citizenship and the right to vote next politic elections in Greece. According to Greek Foreign Ministry, the draft to vote Greek omogens in Parliament will be ready soon as possible.

Anyway, seeing the very critic situation of the Greek minority in Albania, particularly the robbery of the lands and property rights by Albanian authorities, the problems inside the greek education system for the children of the Greek Community closing elementary schools, the missing of the greek represents inside public administrate and military personnel and Finlay the collapse created in to the Greek Ethnic Organisation "Omonia" have motivated the Albanian PM Sali Berisha to send diplomatic messages to Athens and especially to the Greek Prime Minister Kostas Karamanlis.

It`s very interesting that Berisha uses often messages and prognoses which are previsted also by geopolitical analists for the civil and politc rights for the Greeks of Albania, to be guaranteed after the request of the Greek Organisation "Omonia" to regonise the Greek official language inside the Albanian system administration.

Damir Fazlić arrested in Sarajevo

The most known strong adviser of PM Sali Berisha is arrested in Sarajevo togather with Bosnian Muslim wartime commander in Srebrenica Naser Orić. According to unofficial information,
Fazlić is a businessman whose name has been been linked to numerous scandals, not only in Bosnia-Hercegovina, but in Serbia and Croatia too.

The late Zoran Đinđić’s former adviser Vladimir Popović claimed on a number of occasions to have documentation on Fazlić pertaining to his criminal activities in Serbia and his links to the so-called Tobacco Mafia and its ringleaders, while he was also questioned by Serbian police in connection to Đinđić’s murder.

Fazlić is known for his activity in Albania, particularly a close adviser of Prime Minister Sali Berisha since politic campain contribut of 2005 and now coperations in varius bussines and contraband togather with Foreign Minister Lulezim Basha private company and the "Legal Office" of daughter of PM Berisha Argita Maltezi.

Fazlic was also once a close adviser to Federal Prime Minister Ethem Bičakčić, and he played a leading role in the privatization of tobacco plants in Sarajevo and Mostar.

Sources: "Vizion Plus TV" (AL), B92 Agency (Serbia)

The weirdest country in Europe

Photo: Arben Celi, Reuters
People sunbathe near a bunker in the Albanian city of Durres. The bunker shells are the remains of a defence line built by former communist leader Enver Hoxha.
Robert Fulford, "National Post" Published: Saturday, October 04, 2008

SARANDE, Albania -Here and there on the Mediterranean waterfront around Sarande, a little town currently publicized with wan hope as "the southern gateway for tourism into Albania," you can spot evocative relics of communist paranoia: the concrete-and-steel bunkers erected under the personal supervision of Enver Hoxha.

He was the Stalinist who ran Albania for four terrifying decades. He created a society so hysterically secretive that the few journalists who managed to enter were immediately relieved of any potentially dangerous printed material they were carrying. The late James Cameron, a first-class British author, discovered that at the customs office he had to surrender the books he carried with him around the world, his complete Jane Austen.

The Greek Journalist against falls interview to “Panorama” newspaper.


Photo: The falls interview addressed to the Greek Journalist by Albanian Newspaper "Panorama"

Mihalis Katcigiras, The Director General of "SKY NEWS" has denied that was published by the Albanian newspaper “Panorama” some days ago, about the question written on the history of Cham Community known by Greek historians as “collaborators of fascism” during the Second World War.

Kacigiras said to the correspondent of the newspaper "Panorama" in Athens who has falsified my words. “I spoken to the correspondent of “Panorama” the possibility to talk closely in my office, not speaking to the phone line” said Kacigiras for “Panorama”.

"I'm working in my emission for a general history of great battles of Greece and no particular question to what the newspaper in Albania wants to interpret as meaning contradictory. I deny all that is written by the "Panorama", says Kacigiras.

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Hague prosecution to investigate alleged organ harvesting in Albania

04. October 2008. Source:

The Hague tribunal says the Council of Europe has already formed a committee and a team of investigators to handle with the case. A delegation of prosecutors from the UN war crimes tribunal is expected to visit Albania shortly to investigate allegations hundreds of captured Serbs and Romas were murdered for their bodily organs, according to media reports Thursday (October 2nd).
Former chief UN war crimes prosecutor Carla del Ponte levelled the allegation in her book "The Hunt".She says the murders and organ removals occurred during the Kosovo conflict in the northern Albanian village of Gur.

The Hague tribunal says the Council of Europe has already formed a committee and a team of investigators to handle with the case. Foreign Minister Lulzim Basha and others insist the claims are "groundless".

Friday, October 3, 2008

"Associated Press"
Montenegro may recognize Kosovo

PODGORICA, Montenegro-Montenegro's foreign minister said Friday that Kosovo's independence was a reality, suggesting his government will recognize the new state even though that would anger traditional ally Serbia. Kosovo declared independence from Serbia in February. It has won recognition from the United States and most nations in the European Union. But Serbia, backed by Russia, has refused to acknowledge the split.

Montenegrin recognition of Kosovo would be a major blow to Serbia, because the two Balkan republics have close historical and cultural ties. Montenegro was the only former Yugoslav republic that stayed in the union with Serbia after the federation broke up in 1991. Montenegro split from Serbia in 2006. Serbian officials have appealed to neighboring states to refrain from recognizing Kosovo. In a latest bid to maintain claim on the region, Serbia has moved to question Kosovo independence at the International Court of Justice.

But Montenegrin Foreign Minister Milan Rocen said during a parliamentary debate that "an independent Kosovo is a political reality ... and Montenegro has no right to close its eyes before that fact." He said it is up to individual countries to decide whether to recognize Kosovo or not.
In Pristina, Kosovo's President Fatmir Sejdiu urged Montenegro and Macedonia, another former Yugoslav republic, to recognize Kosovo's independence quickly.

"It is a good answer from countries that are now sovereign and with which we were in a state union that is now destroyed and does not exist," Sejdiu said. Kosovo has been run by a U.N. administration since a 1998-99 war.
Athens must take responsibilities for the situation into the Greek Minority in Albania


The Greek Ethnic Minority is living dramatic moments after contradicts between the resign of Labor Minister Kostas Barkas, General Secretary of Omonia, (the Greek Ethnic Organization) and the Chairman of HRUP (Human Rights Union Party) Vangelis Doules. The reason continues to be clear as new collapse created inside the Greek Minority of Albania.

Actually the Greek minority is passing the most critic situation without orientation to be united to resolve particularly the property problem and civil rights in Albania, showing “super survivor sentiments” during last 10 years, regarding the Greek Albanian relations

Anyway the most important responsible of the dangerous situation for the Greeks of Albania continues to hold Athens, particularly the Foreign Ministry which continues to ignore any sense of democratic values inside the Greek Community.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Speaking on state television, Serbian President stated for the first time open the possibility of partition of Kosovo. «I am willing to examine this option», he said, «if all the previous have been exhausted ...» However, immediately after stated that this option is not currently «on the agenda». He added: «There are still many possibilities for finding a solution within the framework of a meaningful autonomy.

Albanian Newspape "PANORAMA" comments an intervew of News Director of "SKY TV" Mihalis Kacigiras in Greece about the documentar for the Chams Community escaiped from Greece during the WWS.

According to News Director Mihalis Kacigiras that referees "Panorama", the cham community escaped from Greece during WSW as no collaborators of fascist axis but as troubling phenom of the Greek Civil War helped by American British forces together with Greek Democratic Front establish in Northern Greece. The "SKY TV" will continue to transmit every Monday night documentary series about the Chams issue, said "Panorama".

The newspaper said also for a Greek team professors that has been opened the cham issue during February seminaries in Greece but the strong nationalist Greek groups made to failed the history reference about the role of cham community regarding the relations with Greece.

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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Albanian explosions & the global arms contraband

"Greek American News Agency"

By Ioannis Michaletos*

Early March 2008 saw the outskirts of the capital of Albania, rocked by a series of explosions caused by the detonation of hundreds of tons of explosives that were supposed to be destroyed by a secure mode (1). The results were 25 people were killed, approximately 300 were badly injured and perhaps as much as 5,000 were force to temporarily relocate, whilst the Tirana suburb is still on an alert zone due to the existence of more underground bunker filled with ammunition.

It is estimated that over 100,000 tons of explosive material have to be decommissioned in Albania over the coming years and they still consist one of the major perils for the livehood of many districts. They are placed underground and scattered across the land.

Data that came to light over the past few months seem to confirm the existence of a well-formed network that exported illegally explosives and arms from Albania to various theaters across the globe and especially Afghanistan.


Photo: Faximile of original documents of Patsos family

The scandal of "Could Water" in Vlora City between Patsos family, member of the Greek community in Vlora Region and Albanian Authorities is sent out of the institutions of Albanian state, to the Greek Foreign Ministry.

In the letter they ask the Greek authorities how is possible that the Greek Ambassador in Tirane is seeing with total indifference the problem of the properties of the Greek community in Vlora Region especially for their property rights "conquested" by Albanian Special Forces, when the albanian media contines to observe the scandal every day.

Also Patsos family has sent protest to the Balkan Helsinki Committee in Athens for the genocide methods used by Albanian state to escape from origin lands the Greek ethnic community of Albania.

video from Top Channel TV:

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Northern Epiriotes meeting with Chairman of the Committee on Foreign Affairs of the Greek Parliament.


Northern Epirus forum met with Chairman of the Select Committee on Defense and Foreign Affairs of the Hellenic Parliament, Mr. Miltiadi Varvitsiotis. The Northern Epirus Forum, which caused the meeting, was represented by President Alkis Pappas, the Secretary General Costas Ioannou and the members of the D. S. Tallio Costas and George Hair. Moreover, attended by Vice-Chairman of the Forum F. Beleris Himarrioton Union and members of the Forum D. S. C. Tzomakas (Leivadeias Union), G. Stergios (Union Delvinou and Saint Saranda) and K. Nousias (Association of Artists VI).

The meeting was attended by M. Kirousis and representing the Union of Deropolis, S. Zotos the Federation «Agios Kosmas», former Parliament cantidate H. Karathanos and A. Dalton of the Association Voreioipeiroton and the well-known journalist and publisher of the "Promotion", etc.

Mr Varvitsiotis having welcomed the delegation stressed the following: «the« Northern Epirus»holds a prominent place in thinking and our policy and we are constantly seeking ways to resolve problems that concern the minority. The objective of the State is to strengthen the presence of Hellenism in Northern Epirus and to solve your daily problems in Greece ».

Then why was the president of the Forum Voreioipeirotikou A. Pappas, who stressed the need to establish a national strategy which will ensure the continued presence of Hellenism in Northern Epirus. «I want to emphasize the anguish of those who remain on ancestral homes and their sense that the metropolitan center is absent from the decisions and policies that affect them», said Pappas, and continued by proposing the Greek state to focus on the planning and operations into two separate elements which are crucial for the survival of Hellenism.

The meeting attended to the news strategy for the «Northern Epirus». «We have to continue this initiative and see what we want under the current circumstances, and to reach a workable and socially acceptable proposals», led by Mr Papadopoulos. Mr Varvitsiotis adopted the proposal of the delegation and pledged that in consultation with the Foreign Secretary Mr Kassimi and other parties involved in the committee will take the initiative of establishing an institutional dialogue which has resulted in a consensual and binding national strategy of survival voreioipeirotikou Hellenism.