Saturday, September 6, 2008

The big Scandal notes to Athens to protect his conpatriotes and their proprietes in Albania.


The Albanian newspaper "SOT" writes about the incident between realy owners and the autority of Governament resitence of Vlora.

According to "SOT" the conflict is raising every day between the realy owners of Patsos family (with greek origin from Himara Region) and the Guard troops of Albanian Autorities.

Patsos family are owners of a big territor in the most known place of Vlora City, in "Cold Water" preffered to graps by Albania Mafia supported by albanian authorities. 50 years of albanian dictature they have been prohibited to take the property which was the Enver Hoxha residence, and now after other 18 years to the "Albanian Free Democracy" are "prohibited" again to take and construct under modern urban parameters.

Patsos family since 1991 emigrants in Greece, as not only albanian citizen but also with greek citizen, are very preocuped after escalation of albanian autorities against them. They have authorized a Building Construction Company very known in Vlora, to construct in their propriety having the authorisation of Municipality of Vlora new modern buildings near the sea. But the albanian authorities have stoped the construcion justifing the decision as "The residence of Government".

But according to "SOT" the pretecst of "Government Territor" is the first step to graps the realy owners, accusing one of high albanian governor linked with albanian mafia and suported by albanian authorities.

According to Patsos family, they will meet the albanian ambasador in Greece Vili MInarolli to denunce the scandal which compost a realy diplomatic insident between Albania and Greece about the proprietes of Greek citizens who live historicaly in Southern albania (Northern Epirus).
The Himara Community and the greek organisation "OMONIA" has expresed the opinion about the great risk that the albanian mafia continues not only in Himara Region but also sistematicaly the proprietes in Vlora Region, which are in target by Albanian authorities fallsifing the old documents of proprietes.

Before 1944 the Orthodox Community of Vlora (big part are himariotes) had mostly of important territor of the Region.

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