Wednesday, May 28, 2008


The most known publicist of Albania Fatos Lubonja, ex politic prisoner during Dictator Regime, under the title “The last massacre against Southern” comments on “Korrieri” Newspaper for e mafia plan against Himara Region and Ionian Coast line, to conquest land and proprieties of Himara people under the “Macro Developments Projects of Albania Tourism Strategy”.

Lubonja refers a TV debate with presence of Tourism Minister of Albania Ylli Pango and the Director of World Bank Project for Ionian Coast Jamarber Maltezi (son in law of Prime Minister Berisha) who declared for developments of Ionian Coast constructing “Tourist Villages” on the lands of Himara peoples.

Lubonja comments that the attacks against the Mayor of Himara Vassilis Bollanos and the Greek minority of this zone made by Albanian media linked with politic mafia which are exactly the idea to ocupet lands and to construct “tourist perandory” under the developing tourist villages such are Kakomea and Draleas..

Lubonja comments also the last visit of the Albanian president Bamir Topi in Himara who expressed his opinion to develop the Himara Region which “has remained backwardness since 1950” but in fact according to Lubonja tell us a strategy to change the vaw from ethnic historic characteristic villages with beautiful beaches of Himara Region to the massive building construction such is the Durresi, Saranda and Shengini Region.

“It is the conflict of the owner properties and panic of (Greek) minority to be occupied from incoming from all the other regions (of Albania) together with the small dangerous street that which have saved from (ecologic) massacre the rest virgin region of South Albania. I’m afraid the (whispering) campaign, even the attacks against the “Greek Bollano” could be effort to bear down the last obstacles for beginning of the massacre” notes Fatos Lubonja on his comment.

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