Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Newspaper "ETHNOS"


Not only on the national road Himara - Saranda, but also on the Christian Churches of the region of Himara are written national slogans against the religion sentiments of the population of the zone.

"A dangerous-climate is created in Southern Albania, (Northern Epirus) and especially in Himara. Last week, the Albanian Prime Minister Sali Berisha condemned as «extremist rhetoric» the declaration of the Mayor Himara (and chairman of the "Omonoia", the Greek politic organization in Albania) Vassilis Bolanos, to the Albanian media, which asked the Greek government not to approve the Agreement Association of Albania with the EU", notet the greek newspaper "ETHNOS".

According to Albanian press referring to the Omonias six points, Mr. Bolanos as president of the Greek Organisation addressed Tirana the constitutional requirement to recognize the Autonomy of Northern Epirus, including a large territory in southern Albania where the Greeks are in majority.

The national rhetoric started by MP Berisha calling as extremist the President of the Greeks of Albania Vassilis Bollanos, has raised continuing a national campain movement in Albania firstly from the media, which is observing by geopolitics experts as critic faze very dangerous to inspire paramilitary groups such happened in Kakomea last month, to confront seriously with the population of the area inhabited in majority from Greeks.

One year ago a christian orthodox Church in Himara called "Saint Pandelimon" has been destructed with explosive by persons unknown from Albanian authorities, when the most dangerous incident is signed month ago in Himara Town known by experts as terrorist act killing a resident with Greek origin.

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