Monday, December 21, 2009


Thaci: Macedonia has no future without Albanians

DPA leader Menduh Thaci on Sunday has once again repeated the party's position that directs that no Albanian would not have Macedonia. He made these comments during the conference RDSH VIII, in which, Krenar Lloga is re-elected chairman of the youth of this political entity.

"There is no other future Macedonia, Macedonians have no future only to create another joint state with Albanians, or does not have nor state nor nation, nothing. There will be Macedonia, without decision-making by consensus, the decision should be and joint decision between Albanians and Macedonians and eventually forget Tito project.

Gruevski project that will now raise the Macedonian Orthodox Slavic state on the Albanian lands without clearly defined constitutional legal status of Albanians here we can not talk to perspective ", emphasized Thaci, adding that Congress DUI first day is characterized as a graveside ceremony, tragic and ridiculous.


Anonymous said...

Is not the fault of Tirana, why the Greeks in Albania, held under occupied. Look Thaci in Skopje, has Albanian party in opposition, and calls for unification with Albania. Thaci is also isolated in the list of U.S. Department of State, namely for extremist actions.


Anonymous said...

Greek Ambassador in Tirana, spoke to the Greeks properties, which will be tried in Strasbourg. In Strasbourg also have become a request from the Cham community, this is great game!


Anonymous said...

Dear Honorable journalist. Idea of joining the Albanian border, is expressed by former President Ibrahim Rugova. He proposed to representatives of France, that Albania's future, to be called Dardania with center in Prishitine, while Americans are not dismissed but left waiting.

Fehmi Agani Junior