Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Greece; Citizenship for Albanian emigrants and northern epirotes

Papandreou holds his promise for dual citizenship for northern epirotes

A series of draft laws and regulations of the ministries of Interior and Infrastructure where discussed from the Papandreou Cabinet. The focus of the meeting, was the bill for the acquisition of Greek nationality by second generation immigrants, born and attended schools in the country.

As the chairman of the Parliament Foreign Commision F. Petsalnikos welcoming students of School of Intercultural Education Acharnon to visite Parliament, the Greek citizenship shall be acquired by children who have attended three primary schools in our country or a total of 6 years in Greek education.

As for adult immigrants, they acquire Greek citizenship after five years legal residence in Greece."The passage of the bill ensures that all pupils have equal opportunities and rights," said the chairman of the House addressing the students.

More specifically,at the Ministerial Council where discussed:

- The bill for a vote of expatriates living in Greece for three years and immigrant residents in the next elections for Local Government

- The return citizenship to children of migrants born in Greece.

On the vote to expatriates and immigrants will meet immediately after the Council of Ministers, the IPR of the Interior and Decentralization ministry.

moree see: http://news.ert.gr/el/ellada/politiki/31092-nomosxedio-gia-tin-ithageneia-se-metanastes-deyteris-genias


Anonymous said...

Finally is to congratulate Mst. Papandreou for great decision; about 1/3 of albanian people are european citizen ...


Anonymous said...

Shpresojme qe politikanet shqiptare te tipit Berisha, te thone vertete nje fjale te mire per emigrantet shqiptare, qe ariten me ne fund te jene pararoja evropiane e shqiperise.

Lefter Progonati

Anonymous said...

Bravo Giorkaqis, tora ginounae oli ellines, malon kai o Edi Ramas...


Anonymous said...

I am Albanian from Presevo, Southern Serbia, How many Albanian immigrants live in Greece and how many are those named epiriots from southern albania?

Asllan Limaj

Anonymous said...

Asllan, are currently living in Greece, a great community of Albanians. they make up about 800 thousand. Greek sources do not show exactly how many are Albanian immigrants, and how the Greek minority. I think 3 / 4 of them with the new law, are Greek dual citizenship, with Albanian and Greek.