Wednesday, December 8, 2010

USA and Greece help northern Albanian people

Aid to flood-stricken Albania

TIRANA (ANA-MPA) -- Greek ambassador to Albania Nikolaos Pazios, accompanied the embassy's military attaché Col. Panayiotis Farantatos, toured flood-stricken areas of northern Albania on Wednesday, while also flying over water-covered regions in one of two search-and-rescue helicopters provided by the Greek military to assist in humanitarian efforts.

One of Wednesday's missions included the transport of aid to the village of Pentari, in the country's north.

Amb. Pazios also met with the commander of the Albanian military forces participating in the flood relief operations, Jhemal Gjunkshi, who briefed him (ANA-MPA) on the situation on the ground and thanked him for the aid and assistance provided by Athens.

"The assistance provided in such situations is an expression of solidarity towards our friend, the Albanian people," Pazios said.

US to assist flooded region in Albania


TIRANA, Albania -- New US Ambassador to Tirana Alexander Arvizu pledged on Tuesday (December 7th) that Washington will assist Albanian authorities in dealing with the flood-related crisis in Shkodra. In his first meeting with Prime Minister Sali Berisha, Arvizu praised him for managing the emergency situation successfully. Strengthening bilateral co-operation was the focus of the meeting. A day earlier, Arvizu presented his credentials to President Bamir Topi.

In the Shkodra region, water levels have dropped, but thousands of hectares remain under water. Countries from the region and the EU have also pledged to deliver emergency aid and assistance.

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