Monday, February 11, 2008


Photo: Prime Minister Costas Karamanlis, centre, is shown with officials of the ethnic Greek villages of Dermisi and Aliko, both in the Gjirokastr district of southern Albania, during a tour of the region in January 1999. Karamanlis, who was the main opposition leader at the time, was on a hand for the ground-breaking of a new aqueduct. Archbishop of Tirana and All Albania Anastasios is also shown standing to the right of Karamanlis. ANA-MPA photo / A. Voutos.

The Greek Prime Minister Kostas Karamalis met Monday, February 10, with Archbishop of Albania Anastasios at “Great Maximus” in Athens. During the meeting Karamalis – Anastasios which spent tow hours, they spoken about the Orthodox Church and the Northern Epirus people seeing the big politic changes in South Western Balkan Region, says a report of Greek Public Television NET.

During his visit in Athens, Archbishop Anastasisos met also with leader of Opposition Papandreu and the Head of Parliament Shufias.

The Greek Orthodox Churches in Southern Albania when lives a large Greek ethnic community is passing a dangerous period of destructing and vandalizing many of Byzantine Churches. One week ago the necropolis of antic center of Apolonia was destructed while in Korista Region the cemetery of Byzantine church of Mborie, has been attacked by vandals.

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