Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Himara Union of Greece, seeking explanations from the Municipality for properties

Albanian constructors mentioned as "occupiers" in Himara lands, for which no one knows who has given a construction permit in Yale Dhrymades and Llogora.

The Himara Union of Greece, following the statements of "Coast Association" and the Himara Community, for the property

Through a press release, The Himara Union of Greece, has requested to The Himara Municipality, to provide arguments, in connection with properties of 150 families himariots, which are not represented by the Municipality, in a court session.

At the time, the absence of the Municipality, to put in the place the bust of Aristotle Guma, in a square of Himara, has caused great tenssions from members of this community.

Meanwhile, in a statement, mentioning the name of Alban Xhillari as "occupiers" of Jali, Drymades and finally in the Llogora, for which the Municipality, has been silent and has not stopped construction giant that made ​​by his company.

The statement mentions an escalation critiquing the activity of the Himara Municipality, if not given explanations about their plight.

Anyway,  The Himara Union of Greece, following the statements of  "Coast Association" and the "Himara Community", for the property of the Himara Region.

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