Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Danish ambassador: Albanian Elections? "They will find ways to manipulate"
Danish Ambassador criticizes Albanian society has received corruption, not daring to oppose.
Regarding the elections, the Ambassador said that there are no institutions to stop election fraud

The Danish ambassador in Tirana, Karsten Jensen is displayed again with an interview for "Gazeta Tema". an Albanian newspaper. Speaking to the issue of the president, Jensen said that Albania has had some valuable presidents, who have defended the independence of the institution. He mentioned the ball in this case. But Jensen, commenting Topalli names and Nanos said the country needs a president with clean hands. "I think it is in the vital interest of Albania in July to elect a president with clean hands, the pandjekur from past and present. A president with whom everyone wants and shook hands and most importantly be a representative of Albania's future, not past, "said Jensen.

Danish ambassador says the problem with elections in Albania, lies on fraud and failure to stop it.
"Albania has no independent institutions to stop the fraud to occur. It is not the fault of the law. Human insight will find ways to cheat, no matter how voluminous and detailed is the election law, if the will to observe and institutions to monitor and institutions to implement there. Danish electoral law is a simple brochure compared to your law, but have no problem with elections, "said Jensen.

Regarding corruption, Jensen issues critical to Albanian society and the media, saying that seems to have accepted corruption and have the courage to respond.
"It's very easy to blame whoever is in power at a time when corruption with such intensity actually possible only if the join game and many others quietly accept it. It is also a matter of personal integrity, of having the courage to say no. Winning history of the Albanian people about outstanding bravery and sense of honor, it is sad to notice that corruption in practice is normally accepted by most political and social segments of society, "said Jensen.

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