Thursday, September 11, 2008

"Briefing News"

Patsos Family calls Athens to help for the propriety right.


Photo: Northern epiriotes during a demonstration in Vlora City against Berisha Dictature of 1997

At 13.00 the special troops from Tirana of National Guard installed in "Could Water" in Vlora City, crashed with dozens persons, many of them women, members of Patsos family, confronting face a face after a provocation made by guard troops . The prestigious TV station "News 24" linked directly with Vlora`s studio, tells for crash in thee moment of guard offensive against them.

Patsos family calls the Greek State to help seriously from aggressive intervention of Guard gunned Troops against their private territory and to resolve the problem. They have denounced to the Vlora`s Military Persecutor today for the second time the incident with National Guard while called the Helsinki Committee of Albania and other human right watch groups including Greek Helsinki Committee to use the human rights instruments against "fascist junta" of Albanian Government.

The Police Department of Vlora continues to stand "neutral" when the Head of municipality and Socialist Party suported the right of citizen propriety against vandalism of the Albanian state.

The incident is observing from OSCE in Vlora District and the Greek Embassy of Albania.

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