Friday, January 4, 2008

The albanian police special forces used violance aganist green peace protest of "Vlora` Goulf"

Photo" The albanian special forces bring from Tirana using violence against peace protesters of Vlora`s people.

Dramatic situation in Vlora Region. Violance and terror against hunderts member of "The Alleance for Protection of Vlora`s Goulf" where are confronting with police forces sent by prime minister Sali Berisha.

In adittion the Aleance for Protection "The Goulf of Vlora" has proclamed a protest in the place of the Vlora`s Municipality. The situation according to regonal journalists could provoceate big protests of Vloras` people next days. The Municipality of Vlora and the Community united has requested referendum for the buld of the energitic projets such are AMBO and Petrolifera Rafinery including decines of Thermocentrals. Last year, the Central Election Commission has voted against a referendum firmd by 14 thousands firms of Vlora`s citisens about the future energitic Park Construction.

According to daily "Shekulli" The Energitic Park is building near regional northern borders with Municipality of Narta an old region populated by greek community, known for great resouces of Narta`s Lake which have been against togather with people of Vlora for the construcion of the Energitic Parc by albanian and foreign investitores including AMBO Pipeline and Petrolifera Company..

In a Press Conference togather with the "MJAFT Moviment" The Alliance urges to make a big pacific protest on Sunday near of the building of Special Police Forces, supporting by vlora`s people.

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