Monday, October 11, 2010

PM Berisha inaugurates Lukovë-Plazh road during a two-day visit in Southern Albania

Prime Minister Sali Berisha was in Lukova commune, in Saranda in the course of a two-day working visit in Southern Albania. The prime minister inaugurated there the Lukovë-Plazh road, built on a state budget investment of about 140 million lekë. The 3.6 km road is added to the new infrastructure along the Ionian coast and that lead to the sea, part of project on connecting the Ionian villages with the coast.

PM Berisha expressed his pleasure at the inauguration and ensured that within the first 6-month period next year, the Albanian citizens from Morina and Kukësi up to Konispol will move via new roads.

During his meeting with Lukova residents, the prime minister said he was happy at the European Parliament giving nod to visa-free regime for Albania citizens and considered that a fair and objective evaluation of the efforts and torrents of sweat as well as of the successful reforms implemented during the recent years.


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