Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The "Patriotic Front" Conference in Athens for "Protocol of Corfu"

With decisive conclusions about the state of Northern Epirus, completed the workshop on the Protocol of Corfu

Athens, February 21, 2012
With decisive conclusions about the state of Northern Epirus, completed the workshop Conference on the Protocol of Corfu.

With a key course for the Northern Epirus issue findings, completed the scientific conference organized by the Patriotic Front in Athens.

These conclusions, as exported from the work of the conference, after the long, multi-faceted and thorough presentation of the Treaty by the speakers-speakers are:

1. The Protocol of Corfu is a treaty in force is not rebutted by any other international treaty and provides in clear terms, the autonomy of Northern Epirus, the boundaries and how administration of the indigenous Northern Epirus.

2. The agreements which were signed by the Greek governments in Albania, from 1914 onwards, no effect at any point in the International Treaty of Corfu, since the signature was not involved Greek delegation.

3. Guarantors of international treaty to date is the "Great Powers", including Russia and the USA. While the Russia is particularly interested in promoting the treaty in all international fora, and the U.S. have a resolution of the Senate openly support the Protocol and the autonomy of Northern Epirus.

The Patriotic Front by his side, undertook to promote in all international bodies the scientific conclusions of the conference, the case of the Protocol of Corfu. He has already scheduled meetings with staff officers of the Russian Federation which will inform the conclusions of the workshop the next few days, and then, immediately after the elections in the Russian Federation, will present the issue of autonomy of Northern Epirus, at the session of Eurasian Union, which will likely take place in Kazakhstan.

To add that, given the intense interest of Russians for the Northern Epirus and the Protocol of Corfu, now clearly visible in the visible and very near future, the possibility of substantial changes in its course, particularly in Northern Epirus principle aim of protecting human of Northern rights and their property.The full video of presentations and interventions at the meeting on the Protocol of Corfu may be interested to see email address and http://vimeo.com/37119707 the website of the Patriotic Front

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