Tuesday, February 21, 2012

INA Agency: The Party "MEGA" open calls for the Autonomy requires in the Northern Epirus

Partia “MEGA” kërkon hapur shpalljen e Autonomisë së Vorio Epirit

For the first time after so many years of politicians and party leaders of the Greek minority living in Albania "MEGA" openly demanded the autonomy of Northern Epirus.
This requirement is stated on their Sunday February 19, 2012 on the occasion of the announcement of Autonomy on February 17, 1914.
The event occurred in the village of the prefecture of Delvina Kranja on Sunday in the church of St. George.
Upon the announcement of the Autonomy of minority party representatives have gone on MEGA Thimios memorial Loli, a Adare who fought for the announcement of Autonomy Northern Epirus in 1914.
At the ceremony commemorating the journalist spoke Theodhoros Asvestopulos which traverse the historical event that led to the declaration of Autonomy on February 17, 1914, in Gjirokastra.
Further speech was party chairman Kristaq Kiços MEGA minority who said: "Every nation in the world has its heroes, and for this we have come today to commemorate our national heroes who fought for their rights, in their ancestral land, here in Northern Epirus (Southern Albania in). It is our duty to honor the heroes of yesterday and to get an example for today's fight. To maintain our education, our property, our national identity. To save all that our grandparents left for us that fought and sacrificed. All together we need to understand that going to achieve national ... "
Chairman further pointed
Kristaq Kiços of MEGA Party, crops of flowers to the monument of the fighter Thimo Lolis who is from the village Kranja.
Kiços Kristaq Statement is the first statement of a minority politician who openly declares that continue their fight on the steps of the heroes of the autonomy of Northern Epirus. Recently been added activities to provoke destabilization Greek minority of southern Albania. (INA)

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