Friday, February 24, 2012

The ceremony of the albanian marins killed in Afganistan

Farewell to Feti Vogli
The coffin with the body of Captain Feti Vogli arrived at the Palace of Congresses at 11:00, with the homage ceremony at the hall.

Captain Feti Vogli died in Kandahar, Afghanistan, during a firefight in which was severely wounded another Albanian soldier, corporal Aleksander Peci, and a US soldier.

The first to pay homage was the Minister of Defense, Arben Imami, who was followed by the Chief of the General Staff of Armed Forces, Xhemal Gjunkshi.

Many Albanian high rank officials saluted the body, together with several army effectives, colleagues, political and religious personalities and common citizens.

At 13:00, the ceremony moved to the Martyrs’ Cemetery, where Captain Vogli’s name was appealed three times by the commander of the Special Operation Battalion, Dritan Demiri, which is known as the “last appeal” ceremony.

“Captain Vogli was sacrificed on the altar of freedom for his country,in the battle for the highest human values. He gave a greatcontribution as representative of the Albanian state in the war forpeace and security in the world. May his memory be eternal”, General Gjunkishisaid during the ceremony.

The flag that covered the body was then given to the father of the Captain. His army mates held his body on their shoulders to the last residence. Feti Vogli was declared Nation’s Martyr and the Albanian President granted him the Golden Eagle Medal.

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