Sunday, February 19, 2012

Rama: Supporting Kosovo and its government

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Rama: Supporting Kosovo and its government
The Socialist leader, Edi Rama, congratulated the Kosovo Albanians for their Independence Day, and wished to Prime Minister Hashim Thaci further successes in the governing of Kosovo, for the country’s progress and on behalf of all its citizens.

In a press conference, the SP leader underlined that the political force that he leads, and the opposition in general, will support Kosovo and its government, and will be against any effort that doesn’t accept the sovereignty of Kosovo and that aim the impossible return into a past that Kosovo has left behind for good.

Thanking the international community for their contribution, Rama underlined that the longer Serbia keeps its ties with the past, the more it loses for the future.

“Serbia has lost Kosovo once and for all, and by going behind this new state, all that Serbia does is keeping itself blocked in the EU integration road. The recent referendum was only a banal episode against Serbia’s prosperity”, Rama declared.

In this historic day for Kosovo, the Socialist leader expressed his deep respect for the great figures of our nation, Adem Jashari and Ibrahim Rugova.

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