Thursday, February 23, 2012

Prishtina: 39 MPs would require union Kosovo - Albania

Kosovo - Albania, The Union Project begins...

February 23, 2012 |

The Chaos and concern for the acceptance by the government of Serbia's request and some EU countries that Kosovo name associated with 1244 of Security Council, appears to be pushing some deputies of Self-Determination, PDK, AAK and LDK to look at the possibility of radicalization of attitudes in Parliament.

As reported by several portals based on their sources, a group of 12 deputies of the four main parties in Parliament is expected to require the union of Kosovo with Albania. Their demand is expected to be supported by the President of Kosovo Pairlament, Jakup Krasniqi, who can pass for debate in Parliament.

It is expected that this request is supported by about 39 Albanian MPs plus members of the Turkish minority, reports Alsat.

The aim of the initiative group for the unification of Kosovo with Albania is in the first stage to draw the attention of the international community and reach the termination of talks with Belgrade. After laying in the Assembly, a group of six deputies of the Assembly will meet with Albanian President Bamir Topi, urging him to support and implement the Constitution by the official Tirana.

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