Monday, March 20, 2017

Super secret meeting of Iranian opposition in Tirana. John Bolton was invited by USA

With a super organization, in terms of total secrecy, 3,000 MEK members of the Iranian opposition who are in Albania, Tirana celebrated the Persian new year, known as Nevruz.

Initially they expressed gratitude to the hosts in Albanian Albanian, represented by well-known political figures like Pandeli Majko, Fatmir Mediu ecct.

Also, the event fell out the presence of the head of the Catholic Church, as a sign that the Iranians gathered 3,000 opponents of the regime of the Ayatollahs.

But what turned the atmosphere into enthusiasm was the leader of the Iranian resistance. Maryam Rajavi, who lives in France, several days is in Albania to take care to organize this megaevent, since size can envy Albanian political parties.

In fact, the main fear of the Ayatollahs regime is precisely this enthusiasm can create a strong political party, especially with the support of the international community.

"Today, Ayatollah Khamenei faces three major problems: first, for fear of the resistance of the Iranian people; Second, the US policy in the region, which has seriously alarmed the regime; and thirdly, the dilemma over Khamenei's successor, which has led to a deep crisis of the regime. Western governments should not swallow against the regime, elections farce and victimization of the Iranian people. Return Policy head sideways when it comes to human rights, freedom and resistance can not proceed, "said Rajavi.

Attending the festive rally was held in Tirana and prominent figures from the United States and France, two countries that have helped us move 3,000 mujahideen from Camp Liberty in Iraq to Albania.

Among them comes out, the former US ambassador to the UN, John Bolton.

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