Thursday, December 12, 2013

Final variant of progressive tax

Final variant of progressive tax
Everyone with a monthly salary higher than 130.000 will pay more taxes after January 1st 2014. After several discussions, the government decided for the final variant of the progressive tax.

Top Channel ahs the scheme which is divided in three tax grades. Salaries from 0-30.000 will pay no taxes. Salaries from 30.000-130.000 will pay 13% for the value over 30.000.

Salaries over 130.000 will pay 23%. But how does the burden change? Everyone who earns less than 130.000 ALL each month will pay less taxes. Those who earn 140.000 will now pay 1300 ALL more. Salaries 150.000 will pay 2600 ALL more.

According to the Ministry of Finances, there are 8000 individuals who are paid over 130.000. This tax goes only for payments and bonuses. Other incomes, such as rents and other activities are no included in this scheme, but will have the same tax level. This could encourage individuals to deviate their incomes for paying less taxes.

The new scheme hits the most correct individuals, who declare the real income and favors those who make evasion.

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