Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Former Mayor of Himara Vassilis Bolanos, prepared to elect for President of the Regional Council of Vlora

But another compatriot of Bolanos is still in this post, Anesti Dhimojani, disagrees with this collision

Tirana. Many efforts to the direction of Prime Minister Edi Rama, continue to be made by the President of HRUP  Vangeli Doules, for the appointment of Former Mayor of Himara Vassil Bollano  simultaneously the president of Omonia, for an important post in the government of Albania .

Even today, in the day of Universal Human Rights , Vangel Doule, has urged the Government Rama, to review a Ministerial post for the party, of (the Greek Minority) HRUP .

According to the latest sources, the involvement of Vassilis Bolanos, in an attempt to get appointed to an political office, has support from Athens, but Prime Minister Rama, is skeptical of this candidacy of Bolanos.

However, Chairman of the District of Vlora Anesti Dhimojani, expressed frustration of that, this clash within "family himariotes" serves to close many problems, especially for properties in Himara Region.

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