Sunday, December 8, 2013

Washington extends mandate of the U.S. ambassador in Tirana


Jonathan Moore: Alex Arvizou will stay in Albania as long as there will be need for State Department

Still no approval from the U.S. Senate for the new ambassador in Tirana, has brought a new focus of U.S. diplomatic forces in Albania.

But Under Secretary for relations whith Southern Europe, Jonathan Moore, told the media in Tirana, that Alex Arvizou, needs still for Albania, for as long as is required by the State Department.

U.S. Ambassador in Tirana, Alexander Arvizou, had political controversy with the former Prime Minister of Albania Sali Berisha, which are displayed openly politically, during the election campaign in June last year in Albania.

Also important is the fact that Alex Arvizou, has good relations with the nationalist political parties, especially the "Red and Black Alliance"and PJIU known as the Party of the Chameria Community, which has bring the Greek Albanian Relations, in a critical consequences, after a resolution by the Albanian parliament, for Albanian Properties of the Chameria Community in Greece..

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