Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Unrecognized Montenegrin Church wants "property and status"

PODGORICA -- The head of the canonically unrecognized Montenegrin Orthodox Church (CPC) has said that this religious community was in a "humiliating position."
(B92, file)
(B92, file)
"We demand that the church property and the status of the CPC be restored to what it was until the decree of Regent Aleksandar in 1920, that is, for the Montenegrin parliament to invalidate state act of that year passed after the Podgorica Assembly had already annulled the statehood of Montenegro," CPC head Mihailo said in a statement.
"Montenegrin spirituality has not been returned to the Montenegrin state house. Without it, the Montenegrin state like any other has no future and ensured survival. The reason for this is the unresolved issue of the Montenegrin Orthodox Church," the statement added.

"We say that the CPC will not accept the imposed humiliating status stripping it of its rights, but will instead, in accordance with the Constitution, law, moral and customary norms, take legitimate measures to achieve its natural and inalienable rights," Mihailo said.

He also asked the Montenegrin authorities to "halt the devastating and denationalizing mission" of the Serbian Orthodox Church in Montenegro.

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