Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Albania: Theft with electricity bills

Theft with electricity bills
Two years after citizens reported overcharged electricity bills at the Prosecution, the investigations have finally been sent to court and asked the arrest of several people.

It is still unknown about the level of these persons who have been charged with theft, due to the secrecy.

However, due to the large number of interrogated people in this case that has started since when the Prosecution General was led by Ina Rama, there might be arrests even in the lowest levels, according to Criminal Court sources.

The task force unit has discovered the mechanism of oower abuse through falsification, by robbing citizens with the electricity bills. Sources say that this might have been used against at least 10.000 citizens, with inspectors falsifying and showing in bills that the energy was interrupted due to delays, while citizens were fined, although the fact didn’t exist.

It is still unknown what the Criminal Court will decide for these arrests. There are several cases filed by citizens who claim to have been damaged.

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