Sunday, December 8, 2013

The Greek Geopolitical analyst

The potential risk for Greece is ... Albania!!

Albania, the country that hosts a variety of risks to Greece and aspires to become "great" against Greece. Unfortunately, even if some politicians try to persuade us to the contrary (and grossest have close relationships with Albania and especially with Chams), weakening the defense policies due to the Greece stand against the "phenomenon Albania."

The murder of 43 year old, the Greek police Elias Kostenis, in police checkpoints in the Greek-Albanian border, showing only "the tip of the iceberg" and demonstrates both the size of the real problem in Greece, the size of the potential risk posed by the parastatal and criminal organizations have been established as the neighbor Albania and whose activities are diverse (human trafficking, drugs, weapons) and creation of parallel action and paramilitary groups and the Albanian secret services have spread to Greece and that act as nuclei for the highest risk internal security of Greece.

The tragedy, however, lies in the attitude of the Greek state, the Greek governments and institutions that seem to either ignore the evolving "phenomenon" of the Albanian provocation or consent to satisfy foreign interests at the expense of Greece.

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