Friday, December 13, 2013

Constitutional Court rejects normative act

Constitutional Court rejects normative act
Political sources have noted that the Constitutional Court has taken a decision to reject the normative act of the government for the civil employee status.

The Court has not published the arguments, but the news has been confirmed for Top Channel by the opposition, who were the first to announce it. After that it was also confirmed by the majority.

The judges have considered the act as against the Constitution, by accepting the argumentation of the Democratic Party.

But to understand the court’s reasons to reject the act, we need to wait for the official arguments that will be published in the days to come.

With the rejection of this act, the law that pass last spring enters in effect on the verge of these elections, although the sub-legal acts had not been created until September, when the new government came in power.

The decision of the Constitutional Court will open not only a political debate, but also a legal one.

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