Thursday, June 28, 2012

Berisha: Everything for tourism

Everything for tourism
The burden of this summer will be on the Minister of Tourism shoulders, Aldo Bumci, who has to take care of the tourist flux in the country.

For realizing all  instructions given by the Prime Minister, Sali Berisha, the Ministry of Tourism must cooperate with the ministries of transport, internal affairs and health. Berisha was very clear in his instructions, starting with the movement of trucks at Vlore’s most important road, Uji i Ftohte.

“The Traffic Police, the Directory of Roads and the Ministry of Public Works must fulfill in time every transportation obligation. Mr. Minister, we widened the Uji i Ftohte tunnel and the customs must offer the best services at the border. Together with the Border Police, the Interior Ministry must take measures for guaranteeing order throughout the country. It is necessary to review the positions of the Police Posts, such as the Alps, where there used to be police posts for guarding the border. Now we need to establish police posts for the tourists. The Health Ministry, besides keeping the helicopters in stand by, must establish emergency unit teams even in the farthest corners of Albania, where there are tourists”, Berisha declared.

Berisha also asked the municipalities and communes to clean the territory, so that Albania can be cleaner than ever for this season. The Prime Minister mentioned zero tolerance for those who commit environmental crimes. Although he said that there have been big investments in the terrestrial and aquatic roads, Berisha didn’t mention the moratorium, which was asked to be repealed by the local governments, since it damages tourism.

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