Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Qafe Bote march
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The Qafe Bote march
The Chameria Week continued with the march to Kllogjer, which has turned into an annual event for the commemoration of the Greek Genocide victims among the Albanian Cham population after the Second World War.

Hundreds of people traveled to the border with Greece, together with the Self-Determination Movement of Kosovo, Albin Kurti. The first stop was Kllogjeri, where was inaugurated the starting of the monumental cemeteries construction for the 3000 Cham victims.

The march continued to Qafe Bote, where the Party of Justice, Integration and Unity leader, Shpetim Idrizi, declared that the construction of the monumental cemeteries was an obligation for their predecessors, and he compared the Cham genocide with the holocaust.

“The homogenous Greece of today was established with the elimination of 70% of the Jews and 100% of the Cham population, only because they belonged to another ethnic, religious and social community”, Idrizi declared.

The PJIU leader declared that this is the time to bring justice through peaceful efforts.

The march was greeted also by the Self-Determination Movement, Albin Kurti, who declared that the Albanians are a people that have suffered many injustices that now must disappear.

More than 5000 Cham Albanians died 67 years ago in the ethnic cleansing held against the Albanian land that remained outside the ethnic borders after 1013. 3000 of them were killed by the Greek forces and 2000 others lost their lives while fleeing to Albania.

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