Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Golden Down press release about an incident in Ag Saranda

"Continues the terror against the Greeks of Northern Epirus"
Another incident of oppression of the Greeks of Northern Epirus is in addition to all of them. While even the blood of Aristotle Gouma is still fresh, and had nearly killing another Greek, this time in Saranda. As informed by e SFEVA site more often now come down in recent summers in Sarande Albanians from Kosovo. Typically, some of them, said they were satisfied with their holidays but they bothered me in particular the fact that they heard constantly around the Greek!
Victim was Nick from Mesopotamos along with two sisters. When he fell to the attention of the fact that Albanians spoke Greek rushed in a provocative way to drive them out from the beach: "Get up and leave. Here are Albania, not Greece. " The boy refused and then 4-5 other people came and started beating him furiously until he heard someone ordered to sink in the'' sea''. Then they began to drag in the water and if not been for some of the tourists are sure they would have drowned!
Nick sued and while it has now gone more than a week there is no evidence for Albanian criminals. Incidents like this happen in the tens to the oppressed Greek population gives itself the battle to preserve the origin of language and religion. The Greek state has finally turned his back to the Greeks of Northern Epirus, and the media are provocative and deliberate indifference.
The Golden Dawn did not forget their homelands and enslaved by all means stand alongside the Greeks in Northern Epirus!


Note: The Golden Down is the ultra nationalist party in Greece with 18 parliament member in. One month ago, the leader Nikos Mihalogiakos, of Golden Down expressed his opinion standing that "Albanians and Greeks are brothers".  

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Albanians Idiot Tourismen for the Land Mafia and criminals for money laundering.