Friday, June 29, 2012

Future Serbian PM sets priorities: EU and Kosovo

BELGRADE -- Serbia's future PM Ivica Dačić has said that the priorities of his cabinet will be "Serbia's European path", but also "protection of Serbian state interests".
Ivica Dačić (Tanjug, file)
Ivica Dačić (Tanjug, file)
The leader of the Socialists (SPS) stressed that this meant "solving the problem of Kosovo and Metohija in a peaceful manner and through negotiations, based on the implementation of what has already been agreed".
"I believe that it is of essence to define the Balkans as a zone of peace and stability," he told reporters in Belgrade late on Friday, while attending a farewell reception organized by German Ambassador Wolfram Maas.

Asked how Serbia's new government would react if the EU comes up with "more strict demands for Serbia's further integration", Dačić responded by saying that this was "a matter for further discussion":

"Looking at the criteria that has been set thus far, it is very important to approach continued negotiations seriously and to eliminate as many points that could represent obstacles for being given a date for the start of negotiations with the EU."

Dačić also stated that he expected a cabinet to be put together soon, and that there were no major differences between the future coalition partners - the Socialists and the Progressives (SNS) - when it came to political stances and issues.

"In the coming days we will also talk to other parties, but it is clear that there is a parliamentary majority", concluded Dačić, who was earlier this week given the mandate by the president to form Serbia's new government.

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