Monday, June 25, 2012

A message from Tirana to Athens

  Tirana whitewashed for "Camera weekly"

Today begins the week of the Cham culture and history. The event is announced a day earlier by the head of PDIU, Rescue Idris, who stated that it is time that all Albanians to join those who were discriminated that were Albanians. Boulevard "Martyrs of the Nation" was dressed this morning with flags, as national ones, and the banner that read "I love Chameria".

Anny way, the message that comes this time from Tirana, is more diplomatic but also threatening, the fact that anti-Greek rhetoric, used as a threat to the greek community, in which, from Cameria politicians in the government of Sali Berisha, using nationalist tactics to attack by means of blackmail, and economic pressure, members of the greek community.

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