Tuesday, December 6, 2011

New Greek consul in Korce

New Greek consul in Korce
The Greek Consul in Korce, Janis Pedhiosis, held his first meeting with the head of the Korce District Council, marking his first public appearance after his mandate.

The new diplomat expressed his valuation for the relations between the two countries, and emphasized that his effort will focus strengthening the mutual relations between the two countries.

Although the new Greek Consul considered the relations between Greece and Albania as very strong, he refused to talk about other problems, saying that he didn’t expect the media presence in this introductory meeting with the head of the district.

Regardless his first mandate as Consul of Korce, Pedhiosis did not hesitate to mention his long diplomatic experience in our country. He declared that he initially knew Albania in 1997, when he worked at the Greek Embassy in Tirana, and later in 1999, when he was Consul of Gjirokaster, a post that he held for three years.

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