Saturday, December 10, 2011

Jakup Krasniqi ZDF

Kosovo delegation in Germany, asked for the mafia in Kosovo

Krasniqi and his delegation which has led to a visit to the German Bundestag, felt bad at one point, when the press conference, a reporter asked his counterpart, President of the Bundestag, Norbert Lammert, a question that has exacerbated not only Kosovars, but also own host. Home Indeksonline issued ZDF's text, and answers questions in this conference.

"Do you have a problem to wait politicians, for whom the German Secret Service says they are war criminals. Why then these poitikanë invite you, "asked a reporter.

Norbert Lammert responded: We have in Kosovo a free Parliament, elected democratically. If such criticism uttered by anyone, then this is not a subject of relations between the two parliaments.

The next question of a journalist .... Why then invite you Kosovars?

Norbert Lammert: I have invited the president of a European country, which the state has recognized the Federal Republic of Germany, much earlier than that of other states have recognized. This is a place where free elections take place and people have the ability to freely determine who it is they want to be represented. And, since we are interested in realization of such relations is in our interest to continue such relationships and to work for them.

Reporter: Germany is involved with EULEX in Kosovo, but in recent times has been killing witnesses in proceedings for the Kosovo war criminals. Do you believe that Kosovo is a state road law, or rule there violence?

Norbert Lammert: Your interrogated It shows how important it is for us to conduct such visits and meetings. We certainly have talked today about the Progress Report of the European Commission and think it is very important that our negotiating partners can discuss critically and to give their ratings authentic feel for what these vërjetje report.

While the journalist was questioned for Krasniqi.

Reporter: Do you think that Kosovo today is a legal state?

Krasniqi: Kosovo justice issues and problems, especially in its northern part, but certainly not alone in its northern part. Kosovo is the fourth year of independence and if we consider the time when Kosovo became independent, we can say that Kosovo has made progress, more than any other country in the region, or more. We believe that Kosovo will soon become a legal state and the law will prevail in every part of it.

German television ZDF reported that the President of the German Bundestag, Norbert Lammert, received a delegation from the Parliament of Kosovo, also composed of Xhavit Haliti. According to ZDF, in 2004, BND and KFOR have accused Haliti as involved in prostitution, smuggling guns and drugs, and murder. / Indeksonline /


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navy said...

secret nato report over Xhavit Halili, a real gangster and chef of the killer swadrons with ferdinand Xhaferi and US Ambassador Josef Limprecht in 2000 and bevor with Haradinaj, Sula, Hashim Thaci in Albania in august, septembre 1998 and later in Tirana and Durres.