Friday, December 9, 2011

 Athens is still experiencing "the Greek Minority, as bridge of friendship, between Athens and Tirana"

Albanian Constitutional Court, wipes Greeks from Albania, while Athens still talking about the "Bridge of Friendship" for the Greek minority

If that will not necessarily be called Greek, is sure to re called "epiriotean", for the Greeks of Albania, and always more, feel abandoned by the Greek state protection. It is inexcusable, the indifference of Athens, for the Hellen community in Albania.

See the reactions of the Spokesman of Greek Foreign Ministry, about the decision of the Albanian Constitutional Court

S. GANTONA: Following a relevant decision, we saw that Albania is abolishing ethnicity. As such, the members of the Greek National Minority will have no document proving they are Greek. What is your comment on that?

G. DELAVEKOURAS: We have been informed of the Albanian Constitutional Court’s decision, and we will be looking at it very closely in order to ascertain the extent to which it meets the international criteria and prerequisites that exist regarding the protection of minorities. It is very important that the Albanian government be able to gain the trust of the minorities – a trust that eroded during the recent census carried out there. And that is why the Albanian government needs to put emphasis on how it can cultivate relations of trust. Again, we will be looking at the Court’s decision very carefully.

L. KALARRYTIS: With regard to everything Albania has done to date concerning the Greek minority – whether it be omissions or specific actions, in the census, regarding property – what has Greece done, in practical terms, to get Albania to conform or at least explain its conduct?

G. DELAVEKOURAS: Greece is sending messages very clearly to the Albanian government, within the framework of our conviction that the minority must be seen as a bridge of friendship and cooperation between the two countries. And that is why we talk so much about trust.

Greece wants to see Albania progress. This is a priority for us. It is in the interest of both Albania and Greece to have borders with a country that is moving forward.

That is why we tried to contribute to the efforts to resolve the political impasse that existed in Albania. That is why we are trying to make sure Albania respects all these criteria and prerequisites – the basic criteria and prerequisites underscored by the EU, thanks in part to Greece’s contribution – including respect for minority rights.

There is certainly a need for dialogue with the Albanian side. I think that Minister Dimas will be meeting with the Albanian Foreign Minister today on the margins of the NATO Ministerial, precisely to pass on these messages and call on Albania to maintain a policy that respects minorities, that respects European benchmarks and enables Albania to take steps towards Europe.

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