Friday, December 9, 2011

Italy, parents ask court to make teen daughter abort

Italian parents ask court to make teen daughter abort
A 16 year old from Trento, Italy, was sent to court by her parents, who requested the judge to give them the right to oblige her abort her child that she is expecting with her Albanian boyfriend.

Since the parents of the girl consider the 18 year old boy as violent and not appropriate for their daughter, they have decided that his child shouldn’t come to life. After the girl has refused to abort, the parents thought that the justice would make her to, but they were wrong.

The prosecutor of the minor’s court declared that law has nothing to do in this case. Abortion is an option, not an obligation that you can impose on someone. The parents who apparently think that they can decide everything about their daughter, presented another request to court: if the child will come to life, their daughter should never meet the father of the child, and the child will not keep the father’s name.

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