Sunday, December 4, 2011

Albanian Council of Ministers approves draft law “On Registration of Immovable Property”
The Council of Ministers approved today the draft law “On Registration of Immovable Property”, as proposed by the Ministry of Justice. PM Berisha presented the draft and appreciated the Register of Immovable Property as the second most important and fundamental register of the state following that of the registry office.
PM Berisha announced that work of the Task Force on the Register is expected to be completed within next year. The Task Force is headed by the prime minister and is composed by ministers and main executives of the relevant agencies. The Register of Immovable Property will be followed up by reform of the Immovable Properties Registration Office.
“There are already contracted major firms, - informed the prime minister- that are making the registration of the plots of land, digitalization and within next year the process will be completed. This is a process of vital importance, decisive for the cornerstones of the market and its stability. The government of Austria and the World Bank are constantly giving a worthy assistance. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Justice has proposed the reform of the Immovable Properties Registration Office, its management by a leading board composed by representatives of several institutions and its promotion into an institution dependent of the Ministry of Justice, but self-funded.”
Under this law, emphasized the prime minister, the reform of the Immovable Properties Registration system gets completed and this consists “a very positive development and a major obligation in the contexts of the reforms as a whole”.

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