Monday, December 5, 2011

Albanian Parliament: CEZ wants increased energy prices, its director, salary 66 000 euros per month

The deputy of Parliament, representatives of the opposition, denouncing the new scandal in Albania, where the population has no finances to pay for electricity.

CEZ long been calls for increased energy prices, which is bitterly opposed by the opposition, which is expressed today in the Assembly that, our country has the highest cost of electricity.

MP Erion Brace, said shocked by the fact that the director of CEZ, a Czech citizenship, which requires energy price rise, receives full 66 thousand euros per month.

"EUR 66000 per month salary of the director of CEZ! I want an answer as CEZ customer! What is this salary?? If a tax on wages paid this gentleman? How to pay, the people? ; these were the salaries and the expenses, are as the arguments to rising prices of energy sold to us! "Brace said in Parliament.

This statement has caused frustration that Parliament speaker Josefina Topalli, who said they should not be taken with personal details.

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