Thursday, December 8, 2011

Albania, Investigating high officials' assets

Investigating high officials' assets
On the verge of the international day against corruption, in a meeting with students from the Law Faculty in Tirana, the head of the OSCE, Eugen Wollfarth, considered corruption in Albania as a diabolic plague with destruction impact on the Albanian society.

But who is to blame for the fact that despite the anti-corruption efforts, Albania is still burdened by these wounds that follow the democratic process in Albania? Wollfarth’s answer is simple: zero tolerance, starting from high rank officials.

“The clear commitment of the authorities for fighting corruption has not been always followed by a consequent implementation of the existing laws. There is needed a more convincing and more stable register of the court decisions’ history, and follow a harsher punitive policy for corruption, especially for high rank officials. Besides this, is the transparent treatment of the cases related with corruption, regardless the social status of the defendants, is a key indicator of the judicial independence. I can add that the full immunity of the Albanian high officials, including the judges, remains a main obstacle for efficient and successful investigation”, Wollfarth declared.

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