Thursday, May 30, 2013

SManalysis, warned that NATO could intervene in case of escalation of the political crisis in Albania

U.S. does not take part in the Albanian crisis, but warns it will punish violence

Tema Newspaper

Jonathan Moore gjatë takimit me gazetarët- faqe 3  Director for Central and Southern Europe at the State Department, urged the Albanian citizens to respect the election institutions in Albania and Albanian politics encouraged to vote three remaining bills from the package of laws needed to apply for candidate status for membership the European Bahskimin.

Mr. Moore expressed his strong support for the U.S. Ambassador in Tirana, Alexander Arvizu, in an effort to quell rumors spread by sources close to the government that the ambassador does not support critical tone towards the government.

Mr. Moore said that "we believe it is absolutely necessary that citizens of Albania can respect the institutions responsible for elections and election results."

Moore said he met Ms. McCormack, who is in charge of the monitoring mission. He mentioned Secretary Clinton's commitment to elections in Albania, stressing their importance to the accession process in Europe.

Mr. Moore is also encouraged in order to comply with political leaders on the adoption of three laws stating that "in politics and diplomacy, offered no congratulations until something happened, so we will wait to see what will happen in Parliament tomorrow, but we hope that this will move forward successfully. "

For some time, SManalysis, has analyzed a possible NATO intervention in case the Albanian political electoral crisis, will exacerbate stability in Albania.

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