Thursday, May 30, 2013

NATO troops can intervene at any moment and law statute provides that the Albanian Parliament approved, to maintain political stability

"Albanian Lion" operation will begin to Himara Region as the "A" destination, continuing to Vlora, Berat, Saranda, Sazan, etc. Rinas.

Parliament has approved in an extraordinary session, installation of NATO troops (British) in Albania

Over three thousand soldiers will be the operation of British troops to be installed in Albania during the summer season (Election process).

Albania not only stability, but also the entire region, will now be under the supervision of  NATO, especially British and American troops, who will be the guarantor of any disruption to the situation in the region.

British troops will be installed in Himara Region, first, and then with all the time in the south of Albania, Vlora, Berat, Sazan Island and Rinas International Airport.

British troops alongside the U.S. troops will be on standby to intervene at any moment will require situations.

It is believed that the total number of British troops will be over 3 thousand personnel, ranging from two-Heli Land Assault  steal, frigates, destroyers and commando soldiers.

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