Friday, May 31, 2013

Arrested 23-year old Albanian who seduced the 13 year old with Facebook

Arrested at the Spa Eleftheron Kavala 23-year old Albanian accused of grabbing a 13-year old Christina Krassa.

13 year old Christina H traveled alone from Athens to go to meet the 23-year Marjon Ajazi, who lived and worked in Kavala.

Authorities mobilized quickly while'' Amber Alert'' marked the Smile of the Child on the disappearance.

The 13 year old was found Thursday evening in Baths Pangee Kavala and transferred with ambulance smile of a child to the hospital in Kavala for preventive examinations.

Police, searching for traces of the perpetrator, asked the assistance of the former employer of the young, to convince him to release the 13 year old girl.

The 23 year old visited his former employer to ask for food for him and Christina Krassa. His former employer and his son convinced the youngster to indicate a point at the girl.

Shortly before midnight Friday law enforcement authorities discovered Christina Krassa hiding in the trees, at the point indicated by the perpetrator, while the young man escaped arrest, taking refuge in the forest.

According to the Nation, initially the stigma of Christina detected via mobile phone, opened when he arrived in Kavala to phone to her friend in Spata.

As it became known, the couple circulated with a white car in the rural area of ​​Eleftheroupolis, where in previous years the young man worked as a shepherd.

Publication of Daily reports that the 23 year old Albanian was expelled two years ago from Greece for violating drug laws. Still, according to reports, the 13 year old lives in the house of her grandmother while growing up without a father and mother is a drug addict and is reportedly inmate institution.

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